Young Alumni: Recent Graduates Take the Lead on Giving Back

Lauren Levin '11 and Jacqueline Wells '06
Lauren Levin '11 and Jacqueline Wells '06

When Lauren Levin (B.A., communication, ‘11) and Jacqueline Wells (B.A., English, ‘06) wanted to connect with a group of College of Letters and Science young alumni in the Bay Area and found no such group existed, they did what Aggies do: they made it happen themselves.

Now, after just a year, the San Francisco Young Alumni Program of the College of Letters and Science is off and running, with a board and several hosted events under its belt.

Young alumni—those who graduated within the last 15 years—are among the College of Letters and Science’s most effective ambassadors and supporters.

Half of All Alumni Graduated in the Last 15 Years

As the college grows, so too do the ranks of our alumni. Our newest generation of alumni now make up 50 percent of the college’s total 107,835 living alumni. They bring fresh insight to our understanding of the college’s ability to prepare students for careers and success beyond college, and they infuse the college with a high level of energy and enthusiasm through their engagement in events, volunteer activities, and giving.

The Bay Area group hopes to support young alumni from the college through social and professional networking, mentoring, and a continuing connection to the college. Interested young alumni are invited to join in building this initiative by reaching out through the group’s website

Group co-leader Levin is particularly looking forward to building a group of alumni with different experiences and strengths. “One of the most striking qualities of Letters and Science graduates is their diversity,” she said. “We want to showcase that diversity by encouraging everyone, from most recent grads to well-established alumni, to participate in our association.”