L&S Circle

L&S Circle

CIRCLE in blue capital letters with a gold circle brushed around the first C and two gold dots on either side of CIRCLE

Donors who give $1,000 or more each year to any fund, program or initiative within the College of Letters and Science become members of the L&S Circle, an honorary donor recognition society. Members of the L&S Circle make it possible to deliver best-in-class education to students by providing critical funding to address important college priorities in multiple areas.

About the L&S Circle

Formerly known as the Herbert A. Young Society, the newly rebranded L&S Circle has been reimagined for an exciting new chapter within the College of Letters and Science. Our mission is to better honor and acknowledge our most loyal and generous supporters of the liberal arts and sciences at UC Davis.

Nearly 50% of all alumni are graduates of the College of Letters and Science, meaning your gifts supporting L&S will improve the learning experiences for almost half of the students at UC Davis!

Impacts of Giving

Becoming a member of the L&S Circle is an important achievement, as you’ll join an exclusive group of fellow philanthropists who understand the importance of supporting higher education. Donors can give to any fund, program or initiative within the College and be recognized as a part of the L&S Circle. Members enjoy a special relationship with College leadership, receive special communications, and have access to several exclusive College events and traditions.

Annual Member

(Annual gift(s) totaling $1,000 or more)

  • Access to select events, as well as other important College of Letters and Science activities and traditions.

  • Special communications from our dean and the Dean's Advisory Council (DAC).

  • Automatic enrollment in the Davis Chancellor's Club (DCC).

  • Exclusive opportunities to connect with student leaders.

  • College of Letters and Science swag.

  • Most importantly ... help transform the lives of students! 

Lifetime Member

(Cumulative lifetime giving totaling $50,000 or more)

All of the above, plus:

  • Access to estate planning experts and seminars to discuss your philanthropic goals.

  • Access to an insider L&S Circle event hosted by the dean.