Students working together in an advising workshop.


Welcome, Aggies!  

Undergraduate Education and Advising provides guidance, academic resources, services and advice for students in the College of Letters and Science. 

Academic advisors in the College of Letters and Science cultivate inclusive, holistic and equitable advising that empowers students to pursue their personal, academic and professional goals through meaningful educational experiences. We believe each student’s journey toward success is unique and are here to help you get the most out of your undergraduate education.

Advising Options

Major Advising Services

  • Major and Minor Advising
  • Each major and minor within the College of Letters and Science has a staff advisor who can help students identify and plan out goals, provide recommendations to explore specific areas of interest, and ensure students meet their specific major or minor requirements. They can also help with the following topics:
    – Declaring or changing a major or minor.
    – Academic planning and course scheduling.
    – Major-specific petitions.
    – Honors programs and special study opportunities.
  • Faculty Advising
  • Faculty advisors are located in the major and minor departments and provide in-depth information on their area of specialty or research. They can also help students with explore internship, research, and career opportunities.

College Advising Services

  • Mandatory Advising
  • All first-year students in the College of Letters and Science are required to meet with an advisor during their first year. Mandatory advising is an opportunity for your advisor to meet you, learn about your personal and academic goals, and help you chart a path to success. Learn more about mandatory advising.
  • General Advising
  • Advisors in the College of Letters and Science are one of the best all-around resources on campus. They can help with a variety of topics, including:
    Degree and general education requirements.
    Academic policies, regulations and petitions.
    – Referrals to academic support and campus resources.
    Graduation checks.
  • Newly Admitted Student Advising
  • Thank you for choosing the College of Letters and Science! Your academic advising team is excited to welcome you to UC Davis and is looking forward to helping you make the most of your college experience. Check out the Aggie Advising overview to learn more about next steps.
  • Peer Advising
  • In addition to our professional staff, the College of Letters and Science maintains a team of highly trained peer advisors. Peers are current UC Davis students from a wide variety of majors who can offer advice on topics such as course scheduling, major and minor selection, getting involved on campus, and are a great resource for student life. Peer advising is available in the advising office, many major departments, and in residence halls across campus. 
  • Undeclared Advising
  • We are committed to supporting and empowering students as they create an individualized plan for self-exploration and thoughtful investigation of major and career options. Being undeclared is a great way to start exploring majors.

    Second year students with an Undeclared major hold are required to participate in quarterly advising.
  • International Student Advising
  • International students have a team of dedicated advisors who will guide students throughout their academic career at UC Davis. Students will meet with their international academic advisors regularly to ensure they are on track to graduate and meet their academic goals. Meet the international academic advisors

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