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Strategic Visioning: Designing the Future of L&S Together

In November 2023, the College of Letters and Science (L&S) launched a comprehensive strategic visioning initiative to build on its successes and grow its future impact at UC Davis and beyond. L&S is the largest college at UC Davis, with more than 110 majors and minors, over 900 faculty and 15,000+ students with a declared major in the college. With such a large presence and foundation of excellence, we can take steps now to define what our future will be. 

Led by L&S Dean Estella Atekwana and Co-Chair Colin Milburn, this four-phased initiative begins with discovery. We are asking all of our faculty, staff, students, alumni, campus partners and more what we want our future to look like? 

  • How can L&S provide an education without boundaries for a life with boundless impact?
  • What can a leading liberal arts and science college like L&S look like in 5, 10, and even 25 years?
  • What sets L&S apart at UC Davis and across higher education?
  • How can we meet our challenges together as a College?

Complete the Strategic Visioning Survey

With these responses, the Strategic Planning Committee will start to chart the course for the future, with a mission, vision, strategies and more. Additional feedback will be solicited, with the plan being deployed in Fall 2024.

strategic visioning timeline

Strategic Planning Committee

Dean Estella Atekwana

Estella Atekwana (co-chair)
Dean, College of Letters and Science

Professor Colin Milburn

Colin Milburn (co-chair)
Professor and Gary Snyder Chair in Science and the Humanities, Department of Science and Technology Studies

Alex Aue, Professor, Department of Statistics

Mark Foncannon, Director of Student Engagement and Success, College of Letters and Science

Annaliese Franz, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and Student Success, College of Letters and Science

Kristin Lagattuta, Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology

Jessie Murray, Chief Administrative Officer, Orange Cluster Administration

Sam Nichols, Professor of Teaching and Chair, Department of Music

John Scott, Executive Associate Dean, College of Letters and Science

Jesús Velázquez, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

Lisa Walsh, L&S Dean’s Advisory Council

Lauren Young, Associate Professor and Placement Director, Department of Political Science

Ed Kiggins (ex-officio), Director of Strategic Communications, College of Letters and Science

Charlene Mattison (ex-officio), Assistant Dean of College Relations and Development, College of Letters and Science

The strategic planning process is led by Jane Harrington, a trusted strategist, executive coach, organization development practitioner, educator and attorney located in Sacramento, California. Possibility, purpose and service guide her work. With experience across industries and sectors — including education, health care, technology, law and government — she guides organizations to achieve their highest aspirations. She is an Aggie, with a J.D. from King Hall. She also holds an M.A. in Organization Development, an M.A. in Education, and a B.A. in Art History and English. 

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