Letters and Science College Ambassadors Program

The Ambassadors of Letters and Science (ALAS) are distinguished scholars who represent the UC Davis College of Letters and Science to diverse audiences, including prospective students, families, peers, campus leadership, and the wider community. The ALAS Program provides leadership opportunities for participants, amplifies College’s outreach through student advocacy, and fosters a sense of community through student-driven initiatives.  

2023-2024 Ambassador Team

ALAS Ambassadors are enthusiastic about sharing their experiences with others. They represent the College at recruitment, yield, and outreach events. They develop their leadership and communication skills through these activities, as well as by hosting visitors to campus, leading informational sessions, and facilitating a student-led first-year seminar.

Student Ambassadors are chosen through a selective process, which includes an application and interview. The application for 2024-2025 is closed.

If you have questions about being an Ambassador of Letters and Science, please contact us

Program Values and Competencies


  • Leadership: We build leaders who represent students in Letters and Science - future leaders on the rise.
  • Innovation: We are open to possibilities and foster creativity to enhance student engagement.
  • Growth Mindset: We take on and learn from challenges to expand our individual skills and accomplish collective achievement.
  • Heart: We serve with passion and respect for all students, professional staff, and community members at UC Davis.
  • Teamwork: We encourage the diversity of thoughts, experiences, and backgrounds and promote participation and partnership on our campus.

Our program values translate to core competencies which each Ambassador must work towards and demonstrate. These core competencies have been adapted from NASPA Professional Competencies and NACE Career Readiness Competencies.

  • Communication: Employ active listening skills and communicate in a clear and organized manner so that others can effectively understand.
  • Professionalism: Serve as a role model in alignment with UC Davis Principles of Community by approaching tasks with a positive attitude.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Seek cross-cultural interactions and experiences that enhance one’s understanding of people from different demographic groups and that leads to personal growth.
  • Service Initiative: Proactively anticipate needs and prioritize action steps to plan, complete and evaluate projects. Be attentive and show a high level of dedication toward excellence.
  • Self-Awareness: Identify one’s own strengths and challenges as a leader and seek opportunities to expand one’s own knowledge/skills.
  • Integrity: Act equitably with integrity and accountability to self, others, and the organization.
  • Collaboration: Build mutual trust in relationships with leaders and team members to achieve common goals and vision.
  • Accountability: Ask timely questions for specific and guidance from peers and leaders and demonstrate dependability.
  • Conflict Management: Listen carefully to others, taking time to understand and ask appropriate questions without interrupting.