Forms and Petitions

The following petitions are processed online:

The petitions below must be submitted to our office by email ( or in person to 1207 Social Sciences and Humanities. Please read specific instructions included on each form.

Additional student services and forms may be found through the Office of the University Registrar:

Informational Handouts and Worksheets

A listing of campus resources for undergraduates with descriptions of services provided and location/contact information.

This worksheet can help you plan your courses at UC Davis, which will help you complete your degree in four years.

This chart to helps determine how grades received in a course will affect your GPA.

Have you done everything needed to graduate? This checklist will help ensure you did not forget any step.

Have you completed all of the requirements needed to earn your degree? This self-check will help you determine if, and how, you have satisfied each requirement.

Are you considering an individual major? This handbook will cover everything you need to know.

Are you unsure about which courses you should take as a new student at UC Davis? We can help!