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Two Professors Awarded Guggenheim Fellowships

April 13, 2021

Two UC Davis College of Letters and Science faculty members have received Guggenheim Fellowships to study the life and times of a 16th century slave in India and current-day political theatre surrounding global climate change.

Chemistry and Physics Professors Receive NSF CAREER Awards

April 09, 2021
Two rising stars in the sciences have received prestigious CAREER awards from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) program recognizes junior faculty who conduct outstanding research, are excellent educators and include education or community outreach in their work.

Leading Hollywood Alumnae Shed Light on Entertainment Careers

April 08, 2021

­­­­Two alumnae who hold powerful behind-the-scenes roles in Hollywood recently shared experience and advice with students.

After graduating from UC Davis, Alana Kleiman (B.A., international relations, ’00) headed to Los Angeles hoping to land a job in the entertainment business even though she had no contacts. Twenty years later, she’s now vice president of Seth MacFarlane’s production company Fuzzy Door.

A New Natural Blue for Food Coloring

April 07, 2021
A natural brilliant blue coloring has been discovered by an international team of researchers including chemists at the University of California, Davis.

Faculty Honored by Campus Peers for Research, Teaching Excellence

March 31, 2021
Seven College of Letters and Science faculty are among 16 UC Davis scholars honored by the Academic Senate and Academic Federation this year. The Academic Senate’s highest honor, the Faculty Distinguished Research Award, goes to Gail Goodman, distinguished professor of psychology.

Lecture Series Expands in Honor of Wayne Thiebaud’s UC Davis Legacy

March 31, 2021
After more than 40 years of teaching and service at UC Davis, centenarian Wayne Thiebaud continues to create art and inspire others. His influence will be felt by many future generations thanks to a $500,000 endowment from the Wayne Thiebaud Foundation.

Seagrasses Turn Back the Clock on Ocean Acidification

March 31, 2021
Spanning six years and seven seagrass meadows along the California coast, a paper from the University of California, Davis, is the most extensive study yet of how seagrasses can buffer ocean acidification.

Alumnus Part of Nobel Peace Prize-Winning Organization

March 29, 2021
Humanitarian work has taken Jon Brause (B.A., international relations, ’83) all over the world — to North Korea, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, the Philippines and more. As director of the Washington Liaison Office at the United Nations World Food Programme, he is immersed in global crises the organization was created to address. That work was rewarded in December, when the WFP won the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize.

Data Science Major Coming in Fall ’22

March 23, 2021
UC Davis will debut its new interdisciplinary data science major in fall 2022, providing a career pathway for undergraduates who plan to become leaders in this cutting-edge field.

‘Reframing Sacramento’ Series Puts New Lens on Past, Present and Futures

March 15, 2021

The UC Davis Humanities Institute is launching a three-part series of conversations on March 18 titled Reframing Sacramento: A Dialogue Between Artists, Humanists and Community Advocates.

The discussions will examine the history, diverse communities and current climate of the city, calling on those whose voices have too often been left out and addressing issues such as gentrification, income disparity, policing and homelessness.

Making Decisions Based on How We Feel About Memories, Not Accuracy

March 10, 2021

When we recall a memory, we retrieve specific details about it: where, when, with whom. But we often also experience a vivid feeling of remembering the event, sometimes almost reliving it. Memory researchers call these processes objective and subjective memory, respectively. A new study from the Center for Mind and Brain at UC Davis shows that objective and subjective memory can function independently, involve different parts of the brain, and that people base their decisions on subjective memory — how they feel about a memory — more than on its accuracy.

‘Aggie for Life’ Bill Hollingshead Will Be Missed

March 10, 2021

A self-described “Aggie for life,” alumnus Bill Hollingshead (B.A., political science, ’60) died in early February. Hollingshead and his wife, Dianne, were longtime donors to UC Davis and devoted patrons of the Department of Music. He was well-known for his enthusiastic love of his alma mater. In 2012, he received the Aggie Service Award from the Cal Aggie Alumni Association, which honors alumni who demonstrate exemplary Aggie pride and commitment of time, energy, volunteerism and leadership to UC Davis.