Glenda Drew, design prof, working with students


More than 50 Fields of Study, Right at the Heart of the University

At the College of Letters and Science, we put great teaching and intellectual exchange at the top of our priorities. As the largest and most comprehensive college at UC Davis, we provide the foundation for a truly unified and distinctive liberal arts education.

We offer courses and provide students with real-world research opportunities in the broadest array of disciplines, spanning 55 majors in the arts, humanities, cultural studies, social sciences, and the mathematical and physical sciences.

Creative arts, cultural literacy, literary analysis and expression, performance, writing, language form the core of our humanities disciplines. Our nationally ranked programs inspire students and faculty to forge diverse collaborations across divisions, across campus, and across the globe. 

From research with individuals, groups and societies to exploration and studies in politics and economics, our faculty prepare students to ask questions, solve problems, and lead as global citizens and scholars. Distinguished and engaged faculty inspire collaborative cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas across historical, philosophical, cultural, and biological perspectives.

Together, faculty and students advance scientific discovery with an eye on today’s biggest questions in science and society. Foundational discoveries at UC Davis lead to the global solutions of tomorrow. Our search for answers and the knowledge we create seed innovation across disciplines and industries, and arm our students with the insatiable desire to ask the most powerful question of all: "how?"