Standing Committees


Executive Committee: Kathryn Olmsted, Chair (History); Carlito Lebrilla, Vice Chair (Chemistry); Carol Hess (Music), Claudia Sanchez-Gutierrez (Spanish and Portuguese), Ethan Scheiner (Political Science), John Terning (Physics and Astronomy), Baki Tezcan (History), Andrew Waldron (Mathematics); Ex-officio: Dean Estella Atekwana, Associate Deans Annaliese Franz, Elizabeth Freeman, Thomas Lee, Lori Lubin, John Scott

Student Petitions (a subcommittee of the Executive Committee): 
Carol Hess, Chair (Music—Faculty Executive Committee); Gregory Downs (History), Ethan Scheiner (Political Science—Faculty Executive Committee), Jane-Ling Wang (Statistics); Ex-officio: Associate Dean Annaliese Franz

Courses of Instruction: Richard Kim, Chair (Asian American Studies); Alexander Aue (Statistics), Chengzhi Chu (East Asian Languages and Cultures), Stacy Fahrenthold (History), A. Katie Harris (History), Heather Hether (Communication), Wolfgang Polonik (Statistics—Winter & Spring), Philippe Rast (Psychology), Michael Toney (Chemistry) 

Educational Policy: Sam Nichols, Chair (Music); Colin Cameron (Economics), Gerardo Con Diaz (Statistics), Robin Erbacher (Physics and Astronomy), Martin Luu (Mathematics), David Rapson (Economics); Ex-officio: Carlito Lebrilla, Vice Chair (Chemistry)

English Language and Literacy: Benjamin Highton, Chair (Political Science—Fall & Winter), Justin Spence (Native American Studies—Spring); Janko Gravner (Mathematics), Catherine Hatzakos (University Writing Program—English as a Second Language), Tobias Menely (English), Cheri Ross (Comparative Literature), Patricia Serviss (University Writing Program—Entry Level Writing), Carl Whithaus (University Writing Program)

Graduate Studies Support: David Wittman, Chair (Physics and Astronomy); Louise Berben (Chemistry), Ian Campbell (History), Claire Goldstein (French and Italian), Gail Goodman (Psychology), John (Jack) Hawkins (Linguistics), Sujoy Mukhopadhyay (Earth and Planetary Sciences), Stefan Uhlig (Comparative Literature); Ex-officio: Associate Dean Lori Lubin, Director of Graduate Research and Administration Tracy Ligtenberg

Honors: Rachel St. John, Chair (History); Delmar Larsen (Chemistry), Beth Levy (Music) 

Individual Majors: Victoria Cross, Chair (Psychology); Nobuko Koyama (East Asian Languages and Cultures), Jan Szaif (Philosophy), David Wittman (Physics and Astronomy), Michael Ziser (English); Ex-officio: Associate Dean Annaliese Franz

Library: Gina Bloom, Chair (English); Hsin-Chia Cheng (Physics and Astronomy), Louis Warren (History) 

Nominations & Elections: Prabir Burman, Chair (Statistics); Pierpaolo Polzonetti (Music), Burkhard Schipper (Economics)

Rules & Jurisdiction: Eric Rauchway, Chair (History); Steven Carlip (Physics and Astronomy—Fall & Winter), Tiffany Werth (English) 

Study of Foreign Languages: David Gundry, Chair (East Asian Languages and Cultures); Maxwell Chertok (Physics and Astronomy), Grace Delmolino (French and Italian), Jeanette Ruiz (Communication), Jocelyn Sharlet (Communication), Emily Vazquez Enriquez (Spanish and Portuguese), Chunjie Zhang (German and Russian)

Teaching Program Planning & Review: Inactive for 2016-23

Rev:  10/4/2022