Standing Committees


Executive Committee: Pablo Ortiz, Chair (Music); Kathryn Olmsted, Vice Chair (History); Amber Boydstun (Political Science—Fall), Carol Hess (Music), Lisa Materson (History), Isabel Montanez (Earth and Planetary Sciences), Jon Rossini (Theatre and Dance), Ethan Scheiner (Political Science—Winter and Spring), Andrew Waldron (Mathematics); Ex-officio: Dean Estella Atekwana, Associate Deans Elizabeth Freeman, Carlos Jackson, Thomas Lee, Lori Lubin, John Scott

Student Petitions (a subcommittee of the Executive Committee): 
Jon Rossini, Chair (Theatre and Dance—Faculty Executive Committee); Damien Caillaud (Anthropology), Lisa Materson (History—Faculty Executive Committee), Jane-Ling Wang (Statistics); Ex-officio: Carlos Jackson 

Courses of Instruction: Richard Kim, Chair (Asian American Studies); Alexander Aue (Statistics), Chengzhi Chu (East Asian Languages and Cultures), A. Katie Harris (History), Heather Hether (Communication), Wang Liao (Communication), Michael Mulhearn (Physics), Eric Russell (French and Italian), Michael Toney (Chemistry) 

Educational Policy: Mairaj Syed, Chair (Religious Studies); Robin Erbacher (Physics), Sam Nichols (Music), David Rapson (Economics), Parama Roy (English), Alexei Stuchebrukhov (Chemistry); Ex-officio: Kathryn Olmsted (Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies, and History)

English Language and Literacy: Matthew Stratton, Chair (English); Shelley Blozis (Psychology), Catherine Hatzakos (University Writing Program—English as a Second Language), Hans-Georg Mueller (Statistics), Cheri Ross (Comparative Literature), Patricia Serviss (University Writing Program—Entry Level Writing), Justin Spence (Native American Studies), Carl Whithaus (University Writing Program)

Graduate Studies Support: David Wittman, Chair (Physics and Astronomy); Louise Berben (Chemistry), Mindy Cooper (Theatre and Dance), Claire Goldstein (French), Gail Goodman (Psychology), Stephanie Mudge (Sociology), Sujoy Mukhopadhyay (Earth and Planetary Sciences), Robert Newcomb (Spanish and Portuguese), Julie Sze (American Studies), Magdalena Wojcieszak (Communication); Ex-officio: Lori Lubin and Director of Graduate Research and Administration Tracy Ligtenberg

Honors: Christian Baldini, Chair (Music); Veronika Hubeny (Physics), Rachel St. John (History) 

Individual Majors: Karen Bales, Chair (Psychology); Victoria Cross (Psychology), Dana Ferris (University Writing Program), Jan Szaif (Philosophy), David Wittman (Physics); Ex-officio: Carlos Jackson 

Library: Gina Bloom, Chair (English); Benjamin Highton (Political Science), Markus Luty (Physics) 

Nominations & Elections: Prabir Burman, Chair (Statistics); Gozde Goncu Berk (Design), Julia Menard-Warwick (Linguistics)

Rules & Jurisdiction: Luis Rademacher, Chair (Mathematics); Katharine Burnett (Art and Art History), Eric Rauchway (History) 

Study of Foreign Languages: Mark Halperin, Chair (East Asian Languages and Cultures); Maxwell Chertok (Physics), David Gundry (East Asian Languages and Cultures), Amy Motlagh (Comparative Literature and Middle East/South Asia Studies), Pierpaolo Polzonetti (Music), Jeanette Ruiz (Communication), Emily Vazquez Enriquez (Spanish and Portuguese) 

Teaching Program Planning & Review: Inactive for 2016-22

Rev:  2/14/22