Standing Committees


Executive Committee:  Leopoldo Bernucci, Chair (Spanish & Portuguese); Colin Cameron, Vice Chair (Economics); Amber Boydstun (Political Science), Christina Cogdell (Design), Frances Dolan (English- Winter/Spring), Martin Hilbert (Communication), Parama Roy (English-Fall), Alexei Stuchebrukhov (Chemistry), Jane-Ling Wang (Statistics); Ex-officio: Dean Elizabeth Spiller, Associate Deans Robert Feenstra, Ari Kelman, Motohico Mulase, Mani Tripathi, Claire Waters

Student Petitions (a subcommittee of the Executive Committee):
Amber Boydstun, Chair (Political Science); Konstantinos Papamichael (Design), Scott Shershow (English), Jane-Ling Wang (Statistics); Ex-officio: Ari Kelman

Courses of Instruction (9 members):  Sally McKee, Chair (History); Hsin-Chia Cheng (Physics), Albert Fannjiang (Mathematics), Fernanda Ferreira (Psychology), Jaimey Fisher (German & Russian), Debashis Paul (Statistics), Jan Szaif (Philosophy), Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie (Native American Studies), Michael Ziser (English)

Educational Policy (6 members):  John Conway, Chair (Physics); Shirley Chiang (Physics), Flagg Miller (Religious Studies), Cynthia Pickett (Psychology), Eric Rauchway (History), Parama Roy (English); Ex-officio: Colin Cameron

English Language and Literacy (7 members):  Dan Melzer, Chair (University Writing Program); Robert Bayley (Linguistics-on leave Winter), Agustina Carando (Spanish & Portuguese), Ines Hernandez-Avila (Native American Studies), Mukund Rangamani (Physics-on leave Fall), Trish Serviss (University Writing Program), Matt Stratton (English)

Honors (3 members):  A. Katie Harris, Chair (History); Christian Baldini (Music), David Wittman (Physics)

Individual Majors (5 members):  Victoria Cross, Chair (Psychology); Patricia Boeshaar (Physics), Richard Kim (Asian American Studies), Julia Menard-Warwick (Linguistics), Daniel Stolzenberg (History); Ex-officio: Ari Kelman

Library (3 members):  Diana Davis, Chair (History); Janko Gravner (Mathematics), James Housefield (Design)

Nominations & Elections (3 members):  Anne Schilling, Chair (Mathematics); Chengzhi Chu (East Asian Languages & Cultures), Gregory Downs (History)

Rules & Jurisdiction (3 members):  Julia Simon, Chair (French & Italian); Zeev Maoz (Political Science), Burkhard Schipper (Economics)

Study of Foreign Languages (7 members):  Jenny Kaminer, Chair (German & Russian); Mark Halperin (East Asian Studies), Chris Hopwood (Psychology), Mark Mascal (Chemistry), Amy Motlagh (Comparative Literature and Middle East/South Asia Studies), Pierpaolo Polzonetti (Music), Young Suh (Art)

Teaching Program Planning & Review:  Inactive for 2016-19

Rev:  8/1/18