Undeclared Program

UC Davis provides a unique environment for self-discovery at a critical time in students’ development.  We are committed to supporting and empowering students as they create an individualized plan for self-exploration and thoughtful investigation of major and career options. 

Goals for students participating in the College of Letters & Science Undeclared program:

  • Examine academic and personal interests, strengths, and passions;

  • Expand horizons through active exploration of a wide variety of academic opportunities;

  • Integrate learning to successfully transition to their chosen major by the end of their 5th quarter of enrollment (before 90 units);

  • Utilize campus tools and resources to build a foundation for success.

Resources and Methods for Major and Passion/Career Self-Exploration


Major Exploration Articles

Upcoming Events

Majors Fair for First Years

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Aggie Explorers Fall 2018 Seminar

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Orientation 2018

Undeclared Advising Presentation

Undeclared Advising Session Worksheet