Side by side portrait photos of two male UC Davis economics professors
Pictured from left: Distinguished Professors of Economics Gregory Clark and Alan M. Taylor.

Two College Faculty Recognized for Contributions to Economic History

Two professors and an alumnus of the Department of Economics in the UC Davis College of Letters and Science recently received a spate of honors from the Economic History Association.

Two EHA accolades went to Distinguished Professor Gregory Clark:

  • The 2022 Jonathan Hughes Prize for excellence in teaching economic history.
  • Election as one of two new EHA fellows for substantial scholarly contributions to the field of economic history.

The Hughes Prize, which comes with $1,200, recognizes Clark’s work with graduate students as a teacher and advisor at UC Davis, and as an organizer of an annual all-UC conference for graduate students to present their dissertation research.

Distinguished Professor Alan M. Taylor received the association’s Engerman-Goldin Prize, awarded every other year since 2018 to an economic historian for creating, compiling and sharing data and information with other scholars.

Taylor, along with UC Davis economics professor Òscar Jordà and Moritz Schularick of the University of Bonn, created over the past several years a macro-finance database stretching from 1870 to the present for 17 countries. The database is widely used for the analysis of business cycles, credit booms, financial crises, asset prices and other important topics in economics.

Reflecting UC Davis strength in economic history

Portrait photo of UC Davis economics alumus
Alumnus Paul Rhode

The other 2022 EHA fellow is UC Davis alumnus and University of Michigan economics professor Paul Rhode (B.A., economics, ’82).

Clark is the third UC Davis economics faculty member to be named to the 39-member EHA Society of Fellows. The others are Distinguished Professor Emeritus Peter Lindert and Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus Alan Olmstead, who were both elected in 2019.

Clark and colleagues will co-host the EHA 2024 convention in Sacramento, California.

— Kathleen Holder, content strategist in the UC Davis College of Letters and Science


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