Economics Professor Shares Insights on the Future of EVs on PBS

Electric cars are fast, efficient and produce no local emissions. But they're also expensive, with issues around the metals for their batteries. David Rapson, Chancellor’s Leadership Professor of Economics in the College of Letters and Science at UC Davis, joins a discussion on the pros and cons of electric cars for two episodes of the PBS talk show “Energy Switch.”

Study Outlines COVID-19 Pandemic’s Effects on Immigration and US Labor Market

A prevailing narrative about immigration is that migrants displace U.S.-born residents in the workforce, but new research from UC Davis economists shows that’s not the case. The study published in the Journal of Population Economics details how the COVID-19 pandemic led to a decrease in immigration to the U.S. and how jobs often filled by migrants were not filled by U.S.-born residents.    

Economics Faculty Santiago Pérez Speaks at Buenos Aires Book Fair

Anyone who traces their family history knows the challenges and triumphs of documenting the lives of their ancestors. Multiply that effort by thousands and you’ll glimpse the daunting scope of Santiago Pérez’s economic history research, which he recently spoke about at the International Book Fair in Buenos Aires.

Earthquake 'Nowcasting' with Distinguished Professor John Rundle

Is it possible to predict earthquakes? For decades, earthquake researchers like Distinguished Professor John Rundle have explored various methods attempting to tackle this question. Rundle and his colleagues are exploring “nowcasting,” which uses methods inspired from the fields of finance, economics and meteorology to determine the earthquake potential of a region through time. In this video, Rundle discusses his interest in earthquake nowcasting and why this field of research is more important than ever.

Wine Honors Economist Marianne Page

Marianne Page can count numerous accomplishments during her career as an economics professor in the College of Letters and Science at UC Davis, but none like an honor recently bestowed by a Napa Valley winemaker. Page appears on the label of The Sage, an organic red blend wine created by Kira Ballotta for her Cantadora brand that celebrates Page and two other women “doing extraordinary things in support of their communities.”

Mobile App Founded by UC Davis Physics Student Empowers Socially Responsible Investors

An app founded by a UC Davis graduate student is poised to revolutionize financial investing for the socially conscious. Fennel, a mobile investing app that gives users insights into a company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics, was recently named one of Fast Company’s “10 most innovative companies in personal finance of 2023.” What’s more, the company has raised roughly $8.5 million in seed funding to support its growth during its beta stages.

Alumni Awards Go to Three College Graduates

Three alumni of the College of Letters and Science at UC Davis — an international economist, a racial justice advocate, and an assets manager dedicated to supporting research and educational excellence — are recipients of Cal Aggie Alumni Association’s 2023 Alumni Awards.