College News

New Technology to Improve Dietary Protein Aims to Meet Global Demands and Advance Health Outcomes

Led by researchers from UC Davis, Digestiva is developing a cutting-edge solution of specialized enzymes to enhance the nutritional efficacy of dietary proteins. Their goal is to make proteins more easily digestible, which may allow people to access the full health benefits of proteins without compromising their cultural and personal connections to food.

David Olson Receives Rising Star Award in Neurobiology of Psychedelics

The Mahoney Institute for Neurosciences at the University of Pennsylvania recently gave David Olson, founding director of the UC Davis institute, its Rising Star Award in Neurobiology of Psychedelics. The award, according to Penn, honors a researcher “at the forefront of unraveling the mechanisms underlying the actions of psychedelics in the brain or translating these discoveries into interventions that preserve, restore and enhance brain function.”

Earthquake 'Nowcasting' with Distinguished Professor John Rundle

Is it possible to predict earthquakes? For decades, earthquake researchers like Distinguished Professor John Rundle have explored various methods attempting to tackle this question. Rundle and his colleagues are exploring “nowcasting,” which uses methods inspired from the fields of finance, economics and meteorology to determine the earthquake potential of a region through time. In this video, Rundle discusses his interest in earthquake nowcasting and why this field of research is more important than ever.

Making Better Measurements of the Composition of Galaxies

A study using data from telescopes on Earth and in the sky resolves a problem plaguing astronomers working in the infrared and could help make better observations of the composition of the universe with the James Webb Space Telescope and other instruments. The work is published April 20 in Nature Astronomy. 

Annaliese Franz: Karate Chemist

After a full day of teaching, research and meetings, Annaliese Franz dons a brown cotton jacket and indigo pants, cinches her black belt into a tight knot and, bowing, steps barefoot onto the wooden floor of a karate dojo near campus.