Faculty award winners
Jared Shaw, Carlito Lebrilla and Annaliese Franz of the Department of Chemistry.

Five College of Letters and Science Faculty Honored by Academic Senate

The UC Davis Academic Senate recently recognized five faculty in the College of Letters and Science for their teaching, research and public service.

Carlito Lebrilla, Department of Chemistry, received the Academic Senate’s highest honor, the Faculty Distinguished Research Award, in recognition of his pioneering work on how complex sugars affect health and nutrition. Lebrilla discovered how milk sugars nourish beneficial microbes in infant digestive systems. Read more about Lebrilla’s research.

Gregory Downs
Gregory Downs

Gregory Downs, Department of History, was honored with the Distinguished Scholarly Public Service award for his role in the designation of a national monument to Reconstruction. Read more about Downs’ contributions.

Jared Shaw, Department of Chemistry, was recognized for Distinguished Teaching, Undergraduate. Nominated by his students and colleagues, Shaw was praised for his innovative and inspirational teaching style and his dedication to mentoring students. He also runs the popular Davis Science Café. Learn more about his efforts to support underrepresented groups in STEM.

Annaliese Franz, Department of Chemistry, was commended for Distinguished Teaching, Graduate and Professional. As a passionate and energetic mentor for graduate students, Franz was recognized for leading workshops in effective teaching and foundational seminars, providing graduate students with valuable tools for future success in academia, industry, science policy or other professional fields. She is also faculty director of the UC Davis Undergraduate Research Center.

Mark Jerng
Mark Jerng

Mark Jerng, Department of English, was honored for Distinguished Teaching, Graduate and Professional. Colleagues and students lauded Jerng’s dedication, generosity and kindness, and the uncommon support he provides for his students in preparing them for professional careers. Students also praised his high level of expertise, depth of knowledge and extensive understanding in areas such as Asian American Literacy and Cultural Studies.

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