Graduate Students Awarded Prestigious Templeton Foundation Fellowships

The Templeton World Charity Foundation recently recognized the UC Davis Complexity Sciences Center (CSC) by awarding “Power of Information” postdoctoral fellowships to two CSC graduate students. The prestigious fellowships support three years of research at $110,000 per year. The students are:

  • Alexander Boyd (Ph.D., physics, ‘17) will pursue his fellowship on "Thermodynamics of Computational Structure in Complex Information Processing” at the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore, a cooperative effort of Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore.
  • Fabio Anza, who earned his doctorate in physics at Oxford University in Britain, will pursue his project on "Information Transport in Quantum Materials: Harnessing dynamics to master physical complexity” at the UC Davis Complexity Sciences Center.

Since 2013, the Templeton World Charity Foundation has provided nearly $12 million in support to nearly 20 research projects around the world through its Power of Information initiative, which seeks to explore how information may act as a fundamental concept in nature. The purpose of the Templeton Independent Research Fellowship in the Power of Information is to facilitate further scientific research pertaining to the concept of information by supporting exceptional early-career scholars who are likely to establish themselves as prominent researchers in their field.

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