Student Support

Supporting Students Beyond the Classroom

As the home to nearly half of all undergraduate majors at UC Davis, the College of Letters and Science has a unique obligation. It is our goal to ensure that all students have access to the hands-on learning experiences that are required for a well-rounded education. This obligation expands beyond offering a rigorous and award-winning academic experience; we are committed to fostering competitive graduates by providing our students with meaningful experiential learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

When you support the Beyond the Classroom fund, you support all students within the college by creating opportunities to participate in research, internships, study abroad, mentorships, and field work. 

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Scholarships Support Stellar Students

Whether it’s internships, student clubs, study abroad or research, experiences outside the classroom provide lessons that prepare students for success after college. Thanks to the generosity of our alumni and friends, each year the College of Letters and Science provides scholarships that make a real difference in the lives of our students. Your support helps empower the next generation of leaders and helps alleviate external burdens that hinder their success.