Late Drop or File P/NP

The College of Letters and Science requires that approval for a late drop or Passed/Not Passed option be granted only if unexpected circumstances beyond your control occur after the deadline. Late drops or Passed/Not Passed grading will not be approved for poor academic performance, change of interest, unavailability of graded work, lack of midterm result or lack of need for a grade in the class. Timeliness is crucial.  Your chance of approval diminishes the longer you wait. Following are the acceptable reasons and required documentation:

Reason: Increase in Work Hours
Required Documentation: On letterhead, signed by employer.

Reason: Medical
Required Documentation: Recommendation from the Student Health and Counseling Center.

Reason: Serious Personal Problem
Required Documentation: Recommendation from a mental health professional.

Reason: Death in Family
Required Documentation: Appropriate documentation required.

Reason: Other
Required Documentation: Specific supporting documentation.

Caution: Submitting fraudulent documentation is a violation of the Academic Code of Conduct and will result in a referral to the Office of Student Support and Judicial Affairs

An appointment with an Academic Advisor is required to initiate this petition process. Please refer to our Undergraduate Education and Advising in the Office of the Dean contact info on the side of this page. Drop-in appointments are available daily.