Undeclared Social Sciences Major

Rewrite: Undeclared Social Sciences Major

From research with individuals, groups, and societies to studies in politics and economics, majors in the social sciences learn to ask challenging questions, solve complex problems, becoming the next generation of global leaders. Students who purse majors in the social sciences at UC Davis explore the historical, cultural, and biological perspectives of society, along with their philosophical underpinnings, in top-ranked departments and programs. Distinguished faculty lead instruction and research to engage students, encouraging a free exchange of ideas, and improving society.

Fostering well-rounded intellectual development, strengthening understanding of the diversity of cultures, applying quantitative methods to improve policy, and exploring the human mind and its links to the brain are critical building blocks for careers that require interdisciplinary skills in research, writing, and argumentation. 

Majors in the social sciences range from anthropology, economics, communication, political science, and linguistics to psychology, sociology, and history, among many others. Undeclared majors in the social sciences have a wide diversity of choices to explore and combine for a rich and rewarding beginning to their studies in the UC Davis College of Letters and Science.