The members of the Ambassadors of Letters and Science (ALAS) are exceptional students who represent the UC Davis College of Letters and Science to prospective students and families, peers, and the campus and community at large. Meet our Ambassadors for 2023–2024 below.  

Kaitlyn Amado, female student wearing L&S blue polo

Kaitie Amado

Senior (she/her, they/them)
Psychology and Asian American Studies (Minor in Human Development)
Gilroy, California
2023-2024 Ambassador Leader

Kaitie chose UC Davis primarily because of the ample health sciences resources and opportunities that are offered. The location of Davis, its close proximity to home, and its college-town setting are additional factors that drew her in.  

Her advice to new students is keep an open mind and remind yourself that college is what you make of it. This is a perfect time for growth and exploration, so take advantage! 

In Kaitie's free time, you can find her playing tennis with fellow ambassadors, working in the Student Recruitment and Retention Center, and being in community with her beloved peers and friends.


Bayleigh Baldwin, female student wearing L&S blue polo

Bayleigh Baldwin

Junior (she/her)
History and Spanish (Minor in Linguistics)
Pleasanton, California

Bayleigh chose UC Davis for its location in Northern California and its welcoming atmosphere. The campus felt friendly to her even through a laptop screen as she toured colleges online during the pandemic.

Bayleigh's advice to new students is to be open to exploring all the opportunities present on campus. She recommends pursuing part-time, on-campus jobs and asking professors about getting involved in research. She is currently an undergraduate research assistant in two labs at the School of Education.

In her free time, Bayleigh enjoys being creative and hanging out with friends. She paints, draws, writes, and listens to music when she is not studying or working.


Kelly Chiang, female student wearing L&S blue polo

Kelly Chiang

Sophomore (she/her)
Political Science — Public Service
Temple City, California

Kelly chose UC Davis because of the welcoming and tranquil environment. She loves that everyone here is extremely accepting and friendly.

Kelly's advice for new students is to try anything you want and not let fear get in your way. She encourages all students to push themselves out of their comfort zone in college to experience more excitement and joy.

In her free time, she likes to volunteer with the Tzu Ching club and try new foods with her friends!


Marisa Davidson, brown haired female student wearing blue and gray shirt

Marisa Davidson

Senior (she/her)
International Relations and Communication (Minor in Public Health Sciences)
San Francisco, California
2023-2024 Ambassador Leader

Marisa chose to attend UC Davis for its stellar academics and professors as well as the overall campus community. She was most excited by the wide variety of opportunities to begin exploring her passions.

Marisa’s advice to incoming students is to explore the support networks that exist on campus through academic advisors, the Study Abroad program, the Internship and Career Center, and the Center for Leadership Learning. She has worked for the Aggie Public Health Ambassador internship program as an ambassador, and the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Healthy Yolo Together COVID-19 public health messaging as a social media and communications intern. She has also worked on the social media and photography team at the Center for Leadership Learning and was the principal social media intern for the Aggies Near & Far Podcast, a project by Global Education for All Fellows. Currently, Marisa works as a social media and communications intern for the Office of Academic Diversity under the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

In her free time, Marisa likes to play tennis, mountain bike, and discover new places!


Madison Ford, female student wearing blue L&S polo

Madison Ford

Junior (she/her)
Comparative Literature (Minors in Italian and Professional Writing)
Los Angeles, California

Madison chose UC Davis because of its reputable academics and its unique location near Sacramento, California's state capitol. Although she never visited UC Davis before attending, she quickly fell in love with the welcoming community and small-town campus scene.

For new students, Madison recommends not only attending campus activities, but also visiting downtown Davis as it has many great restaurants and fun weekend activities like Yolo Berry and the Davis Farmers Market.

Some of Madison's hobbies include reading in the grassy fields at the Arboretum or relaxing in the hammocks on the MU Quad.


Marq Mamaril, male student wearing blue L&S polo

Marq Virgil Mamaril

Senior (he/him)
Watsonville, California

Marq chose UC Davis for its atmosphere. The people at UC Davis are some of the friendliest he has ever met. He loves how much nature is around campus.

His advice to prospective students is to join clubs and organizations that they are passionate about. Marq is currently the secretary of the Guitar Club at UCD and loves writing their weekly newsletter. He's been playing guitar for a few years now!

In his free time, Marq says that he's probably struggling to learn a new song on the guitar, or reading a good history book too.


Sarah Marin, female student wearing blue L&S polo

Sarah Marin

Sophomore (she/her)
International Relations (Minor in Spanish)
Tracy, California

When Sarah first toured UC Davis, she fell in love with all the trees and squirrels around campus. Her interactions with the friendly and helpful students and faculty during Aggie Day confirmed that this was the right school for her. 

One thing Sarah advises to incoming freshman is to create a good balance between school and having fun and form a like-minded friend group that shares their values.

In Sarah's free time, she likes to watch movies with her friends or go to events held by different organizations around campus to get free merch! Sarah also enjoys cooking and water coloring. 


Annabel Marshall, blonde haired female student wearing UC Davis blue jacket

Annabel Marshall

Senior (she/her, they/them)
Cognitive Science and English

Sunnyvale, California
2023-2024 Ambassador Leader

As a high school class of 2020 graduate, Annabel never got the chance to tour campus before committing to UC Davis and was excited to explore in person. When she arrived, she was amazed by the extracurricular opportunities and supportive faculty. She feels lucky to be involved in lots of exciting programs and positions, from serving as an ASUCD senator to working as a research assistant at the Center for Mind and Brain. 

Annabel encourages students to spend time learning about the many programs available to them, be it academic, research, mentorship, etc. There are many resources at UC Davis that often go overlooked by students! 

In their free time, Annabel enjoys writing for The California Aggie, hanging out with friends at the Farmers Market, and forcing other people to listen to her music.


Ganga Nair, female student wearing blue L&S jacket

Ganga Nair

Senior (she/her)
Psychology and International Relations
Citrus Heights, California

Ganga chose to attend UC Davis primarily due to its extensive research program as well as the beauty of Davis, California. She wanted a university that gave her independence while still maintaining a close distance to home, and UC Davis was ideal!

For new students, the best piece of advice she has would be to use all the resources the university has to offer! UC Davis has a number of helpful, extremely informative resources for all forms of assistance, academic, mental health, student-led groups, and more! Ganga also strongly advises incoming students to involve themselves in as any student activities as they can. Put yourself out there, and you will be surprised how much the campus has to offer! 

Ganga is involved in the Campus Judicial Board, Prytanean Women's Honor Society, Sunatya dance team, and the MetaScience Research Lab.


Shreya Nene, student with black hair and wearing UC Davis shirt

Shreya Nene

Senior (she/her)
Psychology and Economics
Santa Clara, California

Shreya was drawn to UC Davis’ culture after visiting campus for the first time during a college tour. The friendly and welcoming nature of the student body and the college-town feel, coupled with the extensive research opportunities that the university provides, were a few of the many reasons she chose UC Davis.

Shreya’s advice for new students is to be open to new experiences and to approach them with an open mind. There are countless ways on campus to step out of your comfort zone, and she thinks college is the perfect time to do so! There is a club, team, or activity for everyone on campus, and getting involved in any of them ultimately might help new students find their community.

In her free time, Shreya loves to dance, read, meditate, and spend time with her friends.


Arnav Rastogi, male student wearing blue L&S polo

Arnav Rastogi

Senior (he/him)
Computer Science (Minors in Technology Management and Italian)
Mumbai, India

Although Arnav did not have a chance to tour UC Davis before coming here, he chose it because of the college-town setting and its friendly and welcoming nature! 

For new students, Arnav's advice is to make the most of your time at college and try new experiences. Arnav has studied abroad, interned at a student startup, participated in several clubs, held leadership positions, and conducted research. Currently, he is part of LupLab and serves as vice president of the Davis Computer Science Club.

In his free time, Arnav enjoys watching Formula 1 and soccer, playing sports, and watching movies.


Rohan Srinivas, male student wearing blue L&S shirt

Rohan Srinivas

Senior (he/him)
Statistics (Data Science Track)
Bangalore, India

Rohan came to UC Davis for three key reasons: the campus, the community, and the location. He has one goal in life — financial freedom — which he’s working toward right now.

Rohan recommends new students trust in themselves, take deep breaths, and try to have fun to avoid getting too overwhelmed by college, especially the quarter system here at UC Davis.

In his free time, Rohan plays billiards, reads self-development books, and listens to lots of music and success podcasts!


Kay Xiong, wearing UC Davis blue L&S shirt

Kay Xiong

Junior (she/her)
Napa, California

Kay is very big on community, acceptance and connection, so UC Davis was a great fit. She loves how the atmosphere is very friendly and the university is so integrated with the town itself. Plus, there are a lot of different cuisines to try. 

Kay enjoys cooking and eating (especially eating), playing bass, and playing video games with friends. One piece of advice she would give to new students is to work hard but give yourself a chance to discover yourself during college. Learn how to use your time here efficiently so you can allow yourself to do so. 


Boao Zhang, male student wearing blue L&S polo

Boao Zhang

Junior (he/him)
Philosophy and Classical Civilization
Qingdao, Shandong, China


As an international student who grew up in a lovely coastal city in China, Boao never imagined himself in a different world, specifically studying at UC Davis, until his mother brought him to Davis. While his mother pursued her law degree at UC Davis, Boao attended Davis Senior High School and soon fell in love with the town. So naturally, upon high school graduation, he committed to UC Davis.

For new students, Boao advises utilizing the resources that UC Davis offers. The campus provides many opportunities, but it is up to individual students to unmask their mysterious veil. UC Davis is an excellent platform for promoting personal development and going further down the road. Keep in mind that the college experience is what one makes of it. Remember to take a walk around the lovely arboretum whenever you feel overwhelmed.

In his free time, Boao loves reading and doing philosophy. He also enjoys literature and imagines he could write one for himself one day. Boao is proud of his national, ethnic, and cultural identity. He believes in making continuous contributions to his community. Having served twice as the MC for the Chinese Lunar New Year Festival, he is now a part of the leadership team for the Chinese Students and Scholars Association.