The Ambassadors of Letters and Science (ALAS) are distinguished scholars who represent the UC Davis College of Letters and Science to diverse audiences, including prospective students, families, peers, campus leadership, and the wider community. Meet our Ambassadors for 2024–2025 below.  


Emily, Ambassador wearing blue polo

Emily Ayala

Sophomore (she/her)
Political Science and Chicana/Chicano Studies
Turlock, California

Emily chose UC Davis for the location, being extremely close to the capital aligns with her future career goals as well as the tranquil environment that the UC Davis campus has to offer. Being able to go home on the weekend was also a plus for her! 

Her advice to new students is to ask questions, it could be extremely scary to ask but it needs to be done! Becoming your own advocate is the best thing you could do, and a perfect time to start is in college. The staff in all the different departments, whether that be the financial aid office, major departments etc., are extremely nice and there to help you! 

In her free time, Emily can be seen eating good food around campus and working at the School of Law as a student assistant. 


Bayleigh Baldwin, female student wearing L&S blue polo

Bayleigh Baldwin

Senior (she/her)
Linguistics and Spanish
Pleasanton, California
2024-2025 Ambassador Leader

Bayleigh chose UC Davis for its location in Northern California and its welcoming atmosphere. The campus felt friendly to her even through a laptop screen as she toured colleges online during the pandemic.

Bayleigh's advice to new students is to be open to exploring all the opportunities present on campus. She recommends pursuing part-time, on-campus jobs and asking professors about getting involved in research. She is currently an undergraduate research assistant in two labs at the School of Education.

In her free time, Bayleigh enjoys being creative and hanging out with friends. She paints, draws, writes, and listens to music when she is not studying or working.


Kelly Chiang, female student wearing L&S blue polo

Kelly Chiang

Junior (she/her)
Political Science — Public Service
Temple City, California

Kelly chose UC Davis because of the welcoming and tranquil environment. She loves that everyone here is extremely accepting and friendly.

Kelly's advice for new students is to try anything you want and not let fear get in your way. She encourages all students to push themselves out of their comfort zone in college to experience more excitement and joy.

In her free time, she likes to volunteer with the Tzu Ching club and try new foods with her friends!


Katie, Ambassador wearing blue polo

Katie Cohen

Sophomore (she/her)
Los Angeles, California

Katie chose UCD because of the incredibly warm and welcoming community that she found instantly once she stepped on campus. She wanted a school that she could truly call a second home, and she found that here at Davis. Katie is an officer in the Sociology Student Association, which serves to create a space for sociology students to collaborate and support one another. 

In her spare time, Katie loves to cook and bake! She is always trying out new recipes and playing with flavors. She also always loves to read and write. One piece of advice Katie would give to new students is not to feel pressured to have to do everything - there are many opportunities at UC Davis, but you should also do things at your own pace, and if you want to go slow, go slow. 


Kyhara, Ambassador wearing blue polo

Kyhara J. Crespin Choque

Sophomore (she/her)
Mountain View, California

Kyhara fell in love with UC Davis when her tour guide shared many fun facts about UC Davis. Perhaps it was because it was a lovely day, but as she walked through campus, she truly envisioned herself going there. Whether it was coming to class, having a picnic with friends on the Quad, getting a cup of coffee at the MU, or simply being a college student, it seemed like a community she wanted to be a part of. Aside from the stunning green campus, she chose UC Davis for its diversity. As a first-generation Latina student, she valued the opportunity to connect with other students from similar backgrounds. 

Her advice for new students is to explore as much as they can and try new things. This is a new environment and there is lots to do at UC Davis, so students should never be afraid to put themselves out there. She wants students to know that they are never alone and there is a wide variety of resources and communities for every student plus academic and research opportunities. UC Davis has many student-run organizations and clubs, students are the ones making this campus great, so it’s really easy to get involved and of course, have fun! 

In Kyhara’s free time, you can probably spot her on campus giving a tour in English or Spanish, as she is a Campus Tour Guide, at the ARC taking Martial Arts classes, or walking around the Farmer’s Market in Downtown Davis. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, listening to music, and watching K-dramas. 


Dheera, Ambassador wearing blue polo

Dheera Dusanapudi 

Senior (she/her)
International Relations and Religious Studies (Minor in Human Rights)
Folsom, California

Dheera chose UCD because she'd visited too many times to count and fell for its small-town vibe, genuine friendliness, and beautiful parks and trails. She enjoys running, reading, and spending hours chatting in coffee shops all over town. 

Her advice to new college students is learn how to embrace your mistakes: you'll make a lot of them, but that's the fun and beauty of college! On the flip side, be your own cheerleader and take time to celebrate your wins. 


Madison Ford, female student wearing blue L&S polo

Madison Ford

Senior (she/her)
Comparative Literature (Minors in Italian and Professional Writing)
Los Angeles, California
2024-2025 Ambassador Leader

Madison chose UC Davis because of its reputable academics and its unique location near Sacramento, California's state capitol. Although she never visited UC Davis before attending, she quickly fell in love with the welcoming community and small-town campus scene.

For new students, Madison recommends not only attending campus activities, but also visiting downtown Davis as it has many great restaurants and fun weekend activities like Yolo Berry and the Davis Farmers Market.

Some of Madison's hobbies include reading in the grassy fields at the Arboretum or relaxing in the hammocks on the MU Quad.


Xavier, Ambassador wearing blue polo

Xavier Gonzalez

Sophomore (he/him)
Computer Science
Oakland, California

Xavier chose UC Davis because he wanted to be surrounded by people who are future drivers of change. As part of Special Transitional Enrichment Program (STEP), his introduction to Davis not only fostered a sense of belonging but also revealed the resilience of those who, despite challenges, made it into this esteemed institution. This ignited his desire to facilitate similar experiences for fellow students, helping them discover communities where they feel embraced and empowered. 

Xavier's advice to new students is to get involved with a community they value as soon as possible and build a network of reliable peers and mentors. His passion involves developing small video games with Gameheads, a local youth tech training program, to spread important messages through art. 

In his leisure time, he enjoy cooking, running, and, a big surprise, playing video games! Xavier encourages people to find an overlap between their hobbies and passions because that is key to identifying their future careers. 


Alexandra, Ambassador wearing blue polo

Alexandra Hoshino

Junior (she/her)
International Relations and Community & Regional Development
Danville, California

Alexandra chose UCD for its reputable research institutions and its cows, but over the course of my time here, she has grown to love the transit accessibility and the welcoming attitude of the campus. 

Her advice to new students would be to take one step at a time when growing a network on campus by seizing any interesting opportunity that comes their way, no matter how big or how small. Alexandra gained a lot of new friends from her experience in the dorms, working as an Orientation Leader in the past year, and participating in my class lectures. 

She currently interns at Willet Elementary in a first-grade classroom, and she will also be an Orientation Team Leader in the upcoming 2024-2025 orientation. Alexandra is a part of UCD's Pre-Law society and National Alliance on Mental Illness club. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and reading manga online. 


Jasmine, Ambassador wearing blue polo

Jasmine Khdrlaryan

Sophomore (she/her)
Political Science
Los Angeles, California

Jasmine chose UC Davis because of its excellence in various disciplines and ideal location. The campus itself is a hub of activity that brings people together, and the town offers a rich array of experiences. Jasmine works at the UC Davis Mabie Law Library, is involved in the Davis College Democrats and Armenian Students Association, and has had the opportunity to work on multiple political campaigns for candidates. 

Her advice to new students is to expand your network as much as possible by joining clubs, attending events, and applying for new positions. The more you put yourself out there and get involved, the more doors to new opportunities will arise. She recommends finding nice study spots like the Shields Library, taking strolls in the Arboretum, and exercising at the ARC. 

In her free time, Jasmine likes to check out new coffee and food shops downtown and walk around the Farmer’s Market. 


Sarah Marin, female student wearing blue L&S polo

Sarah Marin

Junior (she/her)
International Relations (Minor in Spanish)
Tracy, California

When Sarah first toured UC Davis, she fell in love with all the trees and squirrels around campus. Her interactions with the friendly and helpful students and faculty during Aggie Day confirmed that this was the right school for her. 

One thing Sarah advises to incoming freshman is to create a good balance between school and having fun and form a like-minded friend group that shares their values.

In Sarah's free time, she likes to watch movies with her friends or go to events held by different organizations around campus to get free merch! Sarah also enjoys cooking and water coloring. 


Prati, Ambassador wearing blue polo

Prati Mehta

Sophomore (she/her)
Cognitive Science and Statistics
San Jose, California

Prati chose UC Davis for its inviting community and the college-town setting it provides. She is most excited by all of the new opportunities opening up for her as she continues her education. 

Her advice to new students is to stop stressing about the future and make the most of their time here on campus by exploring all that the campus has to offer -- from the educational events and opportunities to the restaurants in downtown. Find what you're interested in and don't be afraid of putting yourself out there by stepping out of your comfort zone. These are the best years of your life, so make the most of it! 

In her free time, Prati enjoys reading in the quad, doodling in her journal, and exploring the Davis cafes with her friends!


Josie, Ambassador wearing blue polo

Josie Peinemann

Sophomore (she/her)
Cognitive Science
Culver City, California

Josie was drawn to UC Davis by the high achieving yet friendly and supportive atmosphere. She applied "Undeclared" and has greatly appreciated the many opportunities for major and career exploration. Josie enjoys working with other people and is very involved in campus activities. She is a club officer for the Regents Scholars Society and the Mixed Student Union, a member of the University Honors Program, and a member of Studio301productions, a theater organization on campus. 

Josie’s advice for new students is to not be afraid of being undeclared, changing your major, or not knowing exactly what you want to do yet. Use GEs to your advantage in exploring your interests, step out of your comfort zone in trying new experiences and meeting new people, and familiarize yourself with and utilize campus resources, which can be extremely helpful both academically and personally. There are so many ways to find or create your niche and feel connected to UC Davis! 

In her free time, you can find her connecting to her cultures through cooking and baking, enjoying a lavender flavored drink from the UC Davis Coffee House or downtown, listening to music, and taking walks around campus! 

Kay Xiong, wearing UC Davis blue L&S shirt

Kay Xiong

Senior (she/her)
Napa, California

Kay is very big on community, acceptance and connection, so UC Davis was a great fit. She loves how the atmosphere is very friendly and the university is so integrated with the town itself. Plus, there are a lot of different cuisines to try. 

Kay enjoys cooking and eating (especially eating), playing bass, and playing video games with friends. One piece of advice she would give to new students is to work hard but give yourself a chance to discover yourself during college. Learn how to use your time here efficiently so you can allow yourself to do so. 


Boao Zhang, male student wearing blue L&S polo

Boao Zhang

Senior (he/him)
Philosophy and Classical Civilization
Qingdao, Shandong, China
2024-2025 Ambassador Leader

As an international student who grew up in a lovely coastal city in China, Boao never imagined himself in a different world, specifically studying at UC Davis, until his mother brought him to Davis. While his mother pursued her law degree at UC Davis, Boao attended Davis Senior High School and soon fell in love with the town. So naturally, upon high school graduation, he committed to UC Davis.

For new students, Boao advises utilizing the resources that UC Davis offers. The campus provides many opportunities, but it is up to individual students to unmask their mysterious veil. UC Davis is an excellent platform for promoting personal development and going further down the road. Keep in mind that the college experience is what one makes of it. Remember to take a walk around the lovely arboretum whenever you feel overwhelmed.

In his free time, Boao loves reading and doing philosophy. He also enjoys literature and imagines he could write one for himself one day. Boao is proud of his national, ethnic, and cultural identity. He believes in making continuous contributions to his community. Having served twice as the MC for the Chinese Lunar New Year Festival, he is now a part of the leadership team for the Chinese Students and Scholars Association. 


Jessica, Ambassador wearing blue polo

Jessica Zhou

Sophomore (she/her)
Irvine, California

Jessica chose UCD because of its reputable academics, particularly in the psychology and research department. She was overjoyed to find out upon coming here that there is a welcoming community of peers and professors who are collaborative and all willing to help. Furthermore, the nature-filled scenery that surrounds the college makes it convenient for students to relax and have a quiet place to study.  

Jessica would advise new students to not be afraid to reach out and ask for help when needed. The people here are genuine, funny, and generous. 

During her time in my Cuarto residential hall, Jessica became involved in the Cuarto Community Council. She had the opportunity of organizing events for our building's residents. During her free time, she loves to go to the gym for a run on the treadmill. Jessica also loves to listen to music, watch Youtube videos, and draw.