When it came to choosing a major, the possibilities were wide open for Avery Hom. Avery grew up near Seattle and entered UC Davis as a freshman with junior-level status thanks to Washington’s Running Start program. Instead of finishing out his junior and senior years in high school, Avery attended community college through the program while also earning credit towards his high school graduation. 

His community college credits were applied to the College of Letters and Science general education requirements, making it easier for Avery to pursue a double major in English and History. “I plan on studying and practicing law someday,” he said. “Law works through language, but is held together by precedent. Thus, English and history, together, sound pretty helpful to me!”

The double majors will also provide experience and skills for following his interests in marketing, ethics and business consulting, Avery said. “The benefits to having a well-rounded education, from studying subjects both related and unrelated, are infinite.”

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