From building theater sets to hunting for lizards, Shannon McCoy has sought out a wide range of experiences during her college years. “That’s one of the best parts of being at UC Davis,” McCoy said. “I have been allowed to pursue anything I want here.”

As a double major in Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology and Theatre and Dance, McCoy finds herself switching between art and science nearly every day. That’s a good thing, she said. “I am taking a lot of units, a lot more than probably most people would be comfortable with. However, my schedules are always balanced between science and theater classes, which makes it really easy to do my work. Whenever I get tired of one subject I can move on to the other,” she said.

McCoy said she always planned to double major in college, not wanting to choose between a veterinary career or her love of theater. “Of all the colleges I visited, Davis was the one that made me feel I could do both,” she said.

Although McCoy plans to attend veterinary school after graduation, she also feels confident about continuing in theater, thanks to the knowledge she’s gained at UC Davis. “Before I came to Davis, I mostly acted in plays, but now I know how to build sets, do lighting design — the whole department is really focused on providing students with the skills that they need to succeed and actually be able to work in the world.”

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