Double Major for a Film Industry Career

A love of math and movies inspired Kacey Johnson to pursue a double major in managerial economics and cinema and digital media. She said the two majors offer her career opportunities that combine her analytical and creative sides.

Double Major Plans to Launch Her Own Business

Levina Setiono dreams of founding her own palm oil farm in Surabaya, Indonesia, where she grew up. Setiono said a double major in economics and international agricultural development will help her learn deeply about the economic risks and benefits involved in launching her own business venture.

A Double Major for Digging Up Dinosaurs

Colin Boisvert always wanted to be a paleontologist. A double major in geology and biology will give him a solid foundation in science so he can pursue his dream of becoming a professor, he said. “A double major really helps give me the broadest background possible.”

Exploring the World With a Double Major

Zoie Dalby grew up in tiny Chester, California, on the shore of Lake Almanor not far from Lassen Volcanic National Park. The wealth of wilderness inspired a love of the outdoors in Dalby, as well as curiosity about the world outside her town. Dalby is pursuing these passions with a double major in religious studies and environmental science and management.

Double Majors: Explore Your Options

Shannon Beaumont decided to double major early in her college career. But Beaumont took time to explore her options before choosing a second major.

Double Majors: Find Your Own Way

Like many animal biology majors, Jordan Lara chose UC Davis because he wanted to become a veterinarian. But a class in Chicano studies led him down a new and unexpected path.

Double Majors: Pursue Your Passions

As a double major in Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology and Theatre and Dance, Shannon McCoy finds herself switching between art and science nearly every day. That’s a good thing, she said.