Ryan Calbreath (Political Science-Public Service and Economics '18)

Ryan Calbreath

Ryan Calbreath, Political Science-Public Service and Economics ’18

Ryan CalbreathRyan Calbreath attended the UC Davis Washington Program in Fall 2017.

Intern, Office of Congressman Raúl Grijalva

Interning at the office of a U.S. congressmember, Ryan Calbreath expected to be nearly invisible among such powerful political figures. What he didn’t expect was the welcoming and supportive environment that embraced him.

At Congressman Raúl Grijalva’s office, Ryan compiled daily news clips, corresponded with constituents, and drafted memos detailing congressional briefings, among many other tasks. He says he expanded his professional network and filled gaps in his policy knowledge.

The challenging nature of city life was a major draw for Ryan when applying to work and study in Washington, D.C. Despite being a huge shift from a small town like Davis, the fast-paced hustle and bustle of Washington ended up being great fit.

“D.C. gave me full immersion. It was an exciting place to live, I met many interesting people, and definitely gained important professional skills throughout my internship,” he said.

Meeting a lobbyist for the National Education Association “gave me a much clearer picture of what my options are for the first five to seven years of my professional life.” Now Ryan hopes to pursue work as a lobbyist in immigration and environmental policy. Being a lawyer or political operative are also long-term career possibilities.

Ryan has landed a job as Call Time Manager for Tony Thurmond’s (AD-15) campaign for Superintendent of Public Instruction. He already had a background in campaigns from his internship with Mariko Yamada's California Senate campaign in 2016, where he learned the ins and outs of campaign leadership and management. 

The UC Davis Washington Program (UCDC) offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate students with majors of all kinds – from English to animal science – to live, work, and study for an academic quarter in the nation’s capital. No matter their major, students integrate compelling coursework with exceptional work experience from an array of organizations throughout the Washington, D.C., metro area. 

— By Maddy Shiber, writing intern in the UC Davis College of Letters and Science. May 15, 2018.