Graduate Summer Fellowships

The College of Letters and Science Dean’s Office is pleased to offer three summer fellowship awards for graduate students. The awards reaffirm the College’s commitment to graduate student scholarship and research, and ensure that students facing financial hardship may continue to excel academically.

Dean's Graduate Summer Fellowships

The Dean's Graduate Summer Fellowship program is supported in part by smaller donations made to the College's Annual Fund. Recipients are selected by the College’s Graduate Studies Support Committee (GSSC) on the basis of their academic achievement (GPA greater than 3.50), having submitted a sound plan for their summer research, and having demonstrated financial need, defined as having limited financial support during the summer. This fellowship program is offered every summer.

  • Dean's Graduate Summer Fellowship Award Recipients

  • 2022
    Anthropology: Taylor Bell, Yingru Chen, Luis Angel Flores-Blanco, Patricia McNeill, Jessica Morales
    Applied Mathematics: Xuxing Chen, Margaret Knight
    Art: Jordan Benton, Justine Di Fiore, William Maxen
    Biostatistics: Chenghuiyun Xu
    Communications: Haoning Xue, Qiankun Zhong
    Comparative Literature: Tianyun Hua, Kyle Proehl, Xuesong Shao
    Creative Writing: Nikolas Andrieu, Harrison Dietzman, Claudia Ross
    Cultural Studies: June Chau, Jacob Hagelberg, Wayne Jopanda
    Design: Cristina Gomez, Alejandra Ruiz, Rova Cigdem Yilmaz
    Dramatic Art: Teresa Arenas Salas
    Earth and Planetary Sciences: Luis Erick Aguirre Palafox, Benjamin Faulkner
    Economics: Yumeng Gu, Seojung (Cate) Oh, Tina Danting Zhang
    English: Stacey Baran, Briel Brown, Jessica Gray, Clara Jimenez, Emily Rich, Natalie Robertson
    French and Francophone Studies: Rob Hether, Zachary Scovel
    German: Adam Davis, Evan Martens
    History: Sadaf Bandeali, Oluwasola Daniels, Manoel Domingos Farias Rendeiro Neto, Nina Gonzalez, Alvaro Grompone, Ali Neyzi
    Linguistics: Zachary Houghton, Ashley Keaton, Jamie Lee
    Mathematics: Nicholas Cazet, James Hughes, Warut Thawinrak, Houbo Wang, William Wesley
    Music: Hsiang-Yu Mark Feng, Anushka Kulkarni
    Native American Studies: Colton Brandau, Vivienne Muller, Shawna Yazzie
    Performance Studies: Jamie Davidson, Isa (Cynthia) Leal, Eric Taggart
    Philosophy: Natasha Haddal, Patrick Skeels, Ramiel Tamras
    Physics: Weixuan Hu
    Political Science: Marika Miner
    Psychology: Ruohan Xia
    Religious Studies: Westin Harris, Aron Tillema
    Sociology: Courtney Caviness, Yao Lu, Cetin Ozdemir
    Spanish: Shelley Dykstra, Jessica Rodrigues Poletti
    Statistics: Yejiong Zhu

    Anthropology: Corey Johnson, Muneeza Rizvi
    Applied Math: Yuan Ni, Qianhui Wan
    Art: Emily Gordon, Kelley O'Leary
    Biostatistics: Xiner Zhou
    Communication: Haoning Xue, Xudong Yu
    Comparative Literature: Jala Alarja, Jihan Shaarawi
    Creative Writing: Diane Nicole Javier, Teagan Steele-Fisher
    Cultural Studies: Joshua Redwine, Scott Tsuchitani
    Design: Sima Pirmoradi, Alireza Vaziri Rahimi
    Dramatic Art: Ann Dragich, Joseph Fletcher
    Economics: Alaa Abdelfattah, Eunju Lee
    English: Ava Bindas, Allison Fulton
    Geology: Dylan Vasey
    German: Jesse Archbold, Aylin Bademsoy
    History: Anna Free, Joel Olea-Calixto
    Linguistics: Zachary Houghton, Skyler Reese
    Mathematics: Stephanie Gaston, Houbo Wang
    Music: Jonathan Minnick, Sun Ny Vang
    Native American Studies: Cinthya Ammerman
    Performance Studies: Jamie Davidson, Isa Leal
    Philosophy: Chanwoo Lee, Selcuk Kaan Tabakci
    Physics: Yi Chung
    Political Science: Ipek Tugce Bahceci, David Bracken
    Religious Studies: Megan Kirchoff, Aron Tillema
    Sociology: Evan Lauteria
    Spanish: Leonardo de Oliveira Silva, Jessica Rodrigues-Poletti
    Statistics: Yuxuan Zhang, Yejiong Zhu

Margrit Mondavi Graduate Fellowships

The Margrit Mondavi Graduate Fellowships are offered through the College and made possible by a bequest from the late Robert and Margrit Mondavi. The awards provide funding to support research, workshops and travel for graduate students in Ph.D. and M.F.A. programs in the humanities, arts and cultural studies. The UC Davis Humanities Institute, housed in the College of Letters and Science, coordinates the announcement and awarding of the Margit Mondavi Graduate Fellowships.

  • Margrit Mondavi Graduate Fellowship Award Recipients
  • 2022
    Creative Writing: Emily Masuda
    Design: Martha Wacker
    French and Francophone Studies: Lamia Mezzour-Hodson 
    Spanish: Brooke Kipling 

    Music: Elizabeth Campbell
    Native American Studies: Christina Thomas, Katelyn Stiles
    Dramatic Art: Justin Yancher
    Art: Helia Pouyanfar
    Design: Edward Whelan

UC Humanities Consortium Fellowships

The UC Davis Humanities Institute is additionally offering two fellowships supported by a grant from the UC Office of the President to the UC-wide Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes. Each fellow will receive funding for summer research and will participate in meetings as part of a society of fellows in the fall. Please visit the DHI's Articles and Stories column for details on the winners.

  • UC Humanities Consortium Fellowship Award Recipients
  • 2022
    Cultural Studies: Scott Tsuchitani 
    Music: Leanny Munoz 

    Cultural Studies: Jasmine Wade
    English: Amanda Kong