Undeclared Mandatory Advising

Mandatory Advising for Students in an Undeclared Major

The College of Letters and Science is committed to supporting and empowering our students to create and follow a plan for self-exploration and investigation of major and career options.

Our goal is to make advising accessible for all students. We recognize that students are individuals, and have different circumstances, personal responsibilities and learning styles that may require balancing their academic lives differently to be successful.

Although students are required to declare their major by the time they have completed 90 units, our research has shown that students who declare their major in their 5th quarter of enrollment have the best educational outcomes.


Undeclared Major Mandatory Advising Requirement

To ensure that you access the resources and support to actively explore and declare a major that is a great fit for you, we have implemented an undeclared mandatory advising hold. This means you are required to meet with an advisor or attend a workshop for students who are undeclared each quarter until you have officially declared your major.

To meet your undeclared mandatory quarterly advising requirement, complete one of the following options -- prior to the effective date of your hold:

Once you have completed your quarterly advising requirement, your hold will be moved forward to the end of the next quarter until you have completed 90 units or have declared your major. If you do not participate, the hold may affect your registration.

We Advise, You Decide

Advising is a partnership. Your advising team is dedicated to your academic success and to support you in achieving your personal, academic and future goals. But ultimately, your success requires you to be an active participant in the advising process.

To get the most out of advising, be ready to engage in a conversation and come prepared with questions. Remember, this is your education and it's your responsibility to take ownership for it.


  • Who is required to participate in Mandatory Advising for students in an undeclared major?
  • All students in an Undeclared major in their 5th quarter of enrollment participate. Mandatory Advising for students in an Undeclared major is required quarterly starting in the 5th quarter and until students have officially declared a major.
  • What happens if I don't participate in Mandatory Advising for students in an undeclared major?
  • If you have not participated in mandatory advising by the end of the quarter, an advising hold will become active. This may prevent you from enrolling in courses, or making any changes to your class schedule. This may negatively affect your ability to get some of the courses you need/want during the subsequent registration period.
  • What if I have already decided on my major?
  • Your registration hold will be removed when your change of major petition is approved. (OASIS – Forms & Petitions – Change of Major) If you are not yet eligible to declare your planned major, you will need to complete mandatory advising for students in an undeclared major to have your hold moved forward to the next quarter.