Irene Mapanao

Irene Mapanao and her proud dad
Irene Mapanao and her proud dad

Irene Mapanao never dreamed she would be able to attend UC Davis. She thought the cost was out of reach. Then an email arrived announcing she was the recipient of a first-year scholarship.

“I stared at the UC Davis seal for a long time to see if it was legit,” she said.

Thanks to the generosity of alumni like you, Mapanao can now dare to dream big. With the freedom to fully dedicate herself to her studies, she maintained a 4.0 GPA and made the Dean’s List each quarter during her freshman year.

“I think scholarships truly change people’s lives,” she said. “If it weren’t for the scholarship, I wouldn’t have gone to UC Davis.” And without the extra support, Mapanao, who plans to major in international relations and anthropology, may have never discovered her passion for studying people’s lives.

Mapanao’s experience is just one example of the tremendous opportunities our departments and programs in the social sciences afford our students.