Graduate Summer Research Made Possible by Dean's Fellowship Awards

Students conduct research in a lab.

Awards Highlight College's Commitment to Excellence in Graduate Studies

The College of Letters and Science Dean’s Office is pleased to announce the awardees for both the new 2020 Dean's Graduate Summer Fellowship program and the Margrit Mondavi Graduate Fellowship program. The awards reaffirm the College’s commitment to graduate student scholarship and research, and ensure that students facing financial hardship may continue to excel academically.

A New Dean's Award for Graduate Summer Scholarship Activity

2020 is the inaugural year for the Dean's Graduate Summer Fellowship program, which is supported in part by smaller donations made to the college's Annual Fund. The awards range from $2,500 to $5,000 for each student. Recipients were selected by the college’s Graduate Student Support Committee (GSSC) on the basis of their academic achievement (GPA greater than 3.50), having submitted a sound plan for their summer research, and having demonstrated financial need, defined as not having any other form of employment or financial support through the university during summer 2020. It is expected that this fellowship program will be offered every summer going forward.

A Commitment to the Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies

The Margrit Mondavi Graduate Fellowships are offered through the college and made possible by a bequest from the late Robert and Margrit Mondavi. The awards provide $5,000 to support research, workshops and travel for graduate students in Ph.D. and M.F.A. programs in the humanities, arts and cultural studies. The UC Davis Humanities Institute, housed in the College of Letters and Science, coordinated the announcement and awarding of the Margit Mondavi Graduate Fellowships for summer 2020.

Dean's Graduate Summer Fellowship Award Recipients 

  • Anthropology: Giulia Gallo and Fatih Tatari
  • Applied Mathematics: Xiaotie Chen
  • Art: Mercy Hawkins
  • Biostatistics: Xiner Zhou
  • Communication: Michael Carter and Seungsu Lee
  • Comparative Literature: Jala Alarja and Jihan Shaarawi
  • Creative Writing: Brianna Cockett-Mamiya and Anna Tuchin
  • Design: Alireza Vaziri and Iris Xie
  • Dramatic Art: Danielle Levin
  • Economics: Ezgi Kurt and Shotaro Nakamura
  • English: Elizabeth Giardina and Tori McCandless
  • German: Aylin Bademsoy and Kristin Predeck
  • History: Pooja Harza and Alejandro Renteria
  • Linguistics: Skyler Reese and Peter Torres
  • Mathematics: Chengyang Wang and Jack Wesley
  • Native American Studies: Ashlee Bird and Brittani Orona
  • Performance Studies: Anuj Vaidya
  • Sociology: Chelsi Florence and Tanaya Gupta
  • Statistics: Yejiong Zhu

Margrit Mondavi Graduate Fellowship Recipients

  • Art: Gretchen LeMaistre
  • Cultural Studies: Zunaira Komal
  • Native American Studies: Alejandra Cano
  • Performance Studies: Sarah Hart
  • Spanish and Portuguese: Maria Jose Gutierrez