Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter Wins Moore Foundation Grant

Abstract illustration c/o Gerd Altmann

The Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter (ICAM) has received a grant of almost $1 million from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to fund international science exchanges on quantum matter.

ICAM is a worldwide, multinode organization of universities and research institutions, based at UC Davis, engaged in research into the emergent properties of matter: biological, soft and quantum. Emergent properties are phenomena that arise from interactions between many simple units, but are very difficult to predict from knowledge of the original units. Quantum matter refers to materials in which microscopic quantum processes play an important role in their macroscopic properties, such as magnetism, semiconducting and superconducting properties. These materials are expected to play an important role in the ongoing efforts to create a new generation of materials for energy, device and information technology.

The $982,625 grant will support ICAM’s QuantEmX II project, enabling research collaborations around the globe. It is part of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s $185 million Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems program of research into quantum materials.

“Sometime in the coming year, this generous new grant will enable a whole new range of experiments and collaborations to blossom across the United States and with the wider world,” said Rajiv Singh, co-director of ICAM and professor of physics at UC Davis. It will also enable scientists across the globe to travel to facilities both in the U.S. and internationally, such as the National High Magnet Field Lab in Tallahassee, Florida, the Oak Ridge Spallation Neutron source and the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Light Source.

“This exciting new grant will enable young experimentalists across the world to make exchange visits, learning from prominent scientists and introducing them to new ways of doing science and discovering exotic new materials,” said ICAM co-director Piers Coleman, distinguished professor of physics at Rutgers University.

— Andy Fell, UC Davis News and Media Relations, wrote this story for the Egghead blog.