Chris Higgins, '77

Chris Higgins

Position Title
Member, Earth and Planetary Sciences Alumni Advisory Board


Chris Higgins graduated with a Bachelor of Science in geology from California State University, Hayward, in 1972 and a Master of Science in geology from UC Davis in 1977. In between graduations, he also served as a meteorologist with the U.S. Naval Air Reserve. Since leaving UC Davis, Mr. Higgins has worked as a geologist with the California Geological Survey in Sacramento. His studies with the CGS have included research in mineral hazards, mineral resources and the mining industry, geothermal resources, remote-sensing applications, geographic information systems, offshore sand resources, geologic mapping, and seismology. Over the last 15 years as a senior geologist (specialist), he has developed maps and reports that address potential for mineral hazards throughout California. Mr. Higgins has also participated in many activities to help educate students and the public about the geology of the state.