Volunteer Groups

The College of Letters and Science relies upon the wisdom, counsel and feedback of various volunteer groups to help us raise the profile of our college, provide support to faculty and the dean, and to support our students and young alumni. 

Dean's Advisory Council

The Dean's Advisory Council is the primary volunteer advisory body for the College of Letters and Science, and is composed of civic, business, and education leaders drawn from the college’s alumni, donors, emeriti, and friends.

The Council members support and advocate for the advancement of the College of Letters and Science at UC Davis, and specifically advise the dean on planning and implementing programs and initiatives in addition to the following:

  • Act as ambassadors for the college; learn about college strengths and challenges and share this information with the broader community.
  • Help the college dean identify and recruit donor prospects. Review lists and help to introduce the dean and college development staff to potential donors.
  • Support the dean through annual support to a department or program in the college.

Dean's Advisory Council Roster and Bios

Earth and Planetary Sciences Alumni Advisory Board

The UC Davis Earth and Planetary Sciences Alumni Advisory Board is a purpose driven group focused on the following three objectives:

  • Engaging with the Department through personal philanthropy and by facilitating philanthropic relationships between alumni, friends, and industry partners with an interest in supporting the department and related University initiatives.
  • Providing guidance to the department on educational outcomes relevant to the professional needs of industry along with foresight on the future of the industry to guide curriculum.
  • Providing networking/mentoring/professional development opportunities to students.

Earth and Planetary Sciences Alumni Advisory Board Roster and Bios

Government and Public Policy Alumni Group

The UC Davis College of Letters and Science's Government and Public Policy Alumni Group is a purpose-driven group focused on the advancement of UC Davis students and alumni seeking careers in public policy, through social networking, professional development, and graduate career opportunities.

Government and Public Policy Alumni Group Roster and Bios

Physics Advisory Board

The UC Davis College of Letters and Science's Physics Advisory Board is comprised of seven volunteer members. The Department of Physics enjoys a privileged reputation as a site of thrilling breakthrough discoveries and also as a source of graduates highly trained in the arts of creative technical problem-solving. The department periodically solicits advice and guidance from this broad group of dedicated leaders to help the department be as engaged as possible with those who are inspired by its discoveries as well as with those who wish to hire graduates. The department sees this engagement as an intrinsic element, impacting outward-facing activities as well as the internal departmental environment and approach to mentoring students. The Physics Advisory Board is appointed by the department chair with the goal of formalizing such consultations.

Physics Advisory Board Roster and Bios 

Young Alumni Advisory Board

The Young Alumni Advisory Board is a volunteer advisory group for the UC Davis College of Letters and Science. The Young Alumni Advisory Board supports and advocates for the College of Letters and Science through assistance with philanthropic outreach to, engagement with, and arrangement of programs for UC Davis young alumni. For the purposes of this advisory board, young alumni are defined as any UC Davis alum within 15 years of graduation.

The group is comprised of engaged young alumni who are interested in helping UC Davis involve graduates and other constituencies of the university to generate funding support for specific projects, to plan networking and professional development activities for graduates, and to engage current students in career planning and mentoring opportunities.

The mission of the San Francisco Young Alumni Advisory Board is to inform, mentor, promote, and connect Bay Area alumni from the UC Davis College of Letters and Science.

Read the San Francisco Young Alumni Advisory Board members' bios.

World Water Advisory Board

The World Water Advisory Board will serve as one of the primary advisory bodies and as a guiding arm for the UC Davis World Water Initiative (WWI). Its members advocate for the advancement of the program and provide support in the following ways:

  • Assist with research and help develop educational programs, while also helping with career tracks and opportunities for students and increasing outreach to broad communities and consumers.
  • Foster support from national and international industry contacts to grow the advisory board and help build the WWI’s network of other partners and affiliates including: global research partners, global university partners, industry associates, and activity and event sponsors.

World Water Advisory Board Roster and Bios