Why Study Here

diversity thrives in L&S

Power to the Liberal Arts, Power to the Future

At the UC Davis College of Letters and Science, you can harness the power of the liberal arts to build a life of endless possibilities. We prepare the innovators, problem-solvers and leaders of the future, strengthening your critical thinking and creativity for success in a fast-paced world where change is constant and careers are yet to be imagined. 

The UC Davis Advantage

Here, you can cross disciplinary boundaries to find your own educational path, pursuing and combining majors ranging in art, economics, design, statistics, cinema and digital media, geology, communication, Native American studies, cognitive science,  history, science and technology studies, comparative literature, Middle East and South Asia studies, music and dozens of other disciplines at the core of a UC Davis liberal arts education—all located at the center of the largest and most beautiful University  of California campus.

Studying in the UC Davis College of Letters and Science provides advantages far beyond what you can find in other liberal arts colleges. In addition to having access to the best teaching, research opportunities and campus culture in the nation, you will attend a university that opens doors for its students and alumni over a lifetime.

UC Davis is one of the top universities in the nation for providing access to low-income, first generation, and other non-traditional students, and we are first in the nation for our share of transfer students entering an undergraduate program, at 37 percent. As the largest college at UC Davis with nearly half of all undergraduate majors, the College of Letters and Science plays a major role in ensuring that UC Davis remains the leader among its peers in opening doors to higher education and beyond.