studio art

2018 - Jodi Connelly

Jodi Connelly (M.F.A., art, '18)  has been awarded the first ever Ali Youssefi artist residency award. The award includes studio space and a solo exhibition (December 2019 - February 2020) at the Verge Center for the Arts in Sacramento and a monthly stipend.  Connelly’s work investigates the complexities of the human relationship to nature and the environment. Through site-specific environmental interventions that include photographic documentation, sculpture and drawing, she explores issues of climate change and the effects migration and development have had on native ecosystems. 

Playful and Potent

Artist embraces the light and dark.

Tavarus Blackmon (M.F.A., art, ’18) has been making art his entire life. First comics as a kid, then experimental music, tattoos, video and film, short stories, poetry, painting, and now art that brings it all together. His work gives viewers a noisy, candy-colored, loop-the-loop ride that journeys to darker places, and tackles issues of poverty, labor, and violence.

1966 - Bruce Nauman

Art by Bruce Nauman (M.F.A., studio art, 1966) is featured in a recent story in The New York Times about public art in New York.  “For years, I’ve stopped by this lobby (of the JP Morgan Chase) to see a small, blinking neon by Bruce Nauman, one of the most influential artists of the last half-century,” writes Randy Kennedy. “Mr. Nauman’s neons, which often juxtapose related words or phrases, can be funny, haunting and sometimes brutal (“Raw/War”; “Run From Fear/Fun From Rear.”) This one, which blinks the crossed words “Read” and “Reap” in garish greens, pinks, reds and yellows, is mild by comparison but still provocative for a corporate bank lobby, evoking wholesome thoughts of knowledge alongside slightly sinister connotations of the consequences of knowing." Nauman’s work is in museum collections around the world and the Museum of Modern Art in New York will mount a retrospective of his art in 2018.