African Literature Scholar Uncovers Forgotten Poem by Influential Senegalese Author and Feminist Mariama Bâ

Sometimes serendipity plays a pivotal role in research. For Tobias Warner, an associate professor in the UC Davis Department of French and Italian, such a circumstance was integral to uncovering a forgotten poem written by foundational Senegalese author and feminist Mariama Bâ, an important figure in African literature despite leaving behind only a handful of published works.

Davis Science Café Brings Research to the Public

Created over 10 years ago by Professor of Chemistry Jared Shaw, the Davis Science Café provides an avenue for the community to learn about the current state of science across its many disciplines. Learn more about the Davis Science Café in the above video. 

The meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month at G Street WunderBar in Davis at 5:30 p.m.

Tweaking Course Paradigm Closes Equity Gaps in Physics Education

Physics faces an equity problem.

According to the latest statistics from the American Physical Society, underrepresented minorities accounted for only 15% of bachelor’s degrees, 12% of master’s degrees and 7% of doctoral degrees awarded to physics students. This equity gap, though not nearly as large, is also pronounced for women in physics, who account for 22% of bachelor’s degrees, 23% of master’s degrees and 20% of doctoral degrees awarded to physics students.     

New Research Finds Disney Princesses Can Be Good for a Child’s Self-Image

While adoration for Disney princesses continues to grow in terms of film ratings, some parents wonder what effects these idealized images of young women might have on how their children feel about and express themselves. In new research, a favorite princess improved—but did not harm—young children's confidence in their own bodies and the diversity of the ways in which they chose to play.

Mathematician, Designer and Science Historian Named Dean’s Faculty Fellows

A mathematician studying the geometry behind refractions, a technologist creating wearables for the chronically ill, and a science historian revealing the complex history of sociogenomics have been named the 2023 Dean’s Faculty Fellows for the College of Letters and Science at UC Davis. The three-year fellowships are part of the College of Letters and Science Faculty Investment Initiative to support early faculty research excellence and development.

Making Better Measurements of the Composition of Galaxies

A study using data from telescopes on Earth and in the sky resolves a problem plaguing astronomers working in the infrared and could help make better observations of the composition of the universe with the James Webb Space Telescope and other instruments. The work is published April 20 in Nature Astronomy. 

Three College of Letters and Science Students Ready to Rumble for UC Davis Grad Slam

Three College of Letters and Science graduate students will test their research communication prowess at the upcoming 2023 UC Davis Grad Slam. Created and organized by Graduate Studies, the competition provides 10 graduate students the opportunity to present a three-minute pitch about their research. The competition will be held at the UC Davis Graduate Center on April 6 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.