A Zero-Sum Game

New York comedy duo Nehemiah Markos and Jed Feiman have released a 50th anniversary edition of the racially conscious Monopoly-style game, Blacks & Whites, created in 1970 by the late psychology professor Robert Sommer.

Chancellor's 'Face to Face' Program Features Sociologist

This month’s guest on Chancellor Gary S. May’s Face to Face program is researching a topic of particular interest to the chancellor: the kind of place where he grew up. Orly Clerge, a UC Davis assistant professor of sociology, is studying how suburbs change when Black residents “infuse their identity, their politics, their economic rationales into the overall structure of these places.”

Sign of Pride: Linguist's Studies Raise Recognition for Black ASL

The growing visibility of Black Deaf signers — on TikTok, at Super Bowl 2021 and in a documentary screening nationwide — is also putting the spotlight on the work of a UC Davis linguist.

Professor Robert Bayley doesn’t consider himself a sign language specialist; as a sociolinguist, he studies language variation. But he has collaborated for 24 years with sign language experts at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., and other universities for the Deaf.

Art History Event Takes On Timely Topic of Race and Museums

The 2021 Templeton Colloquium in Art History will examine the long and often fraught history between museums and African American and African art, artists and audiences. The Feb. 19 event will include presentations by two scholars on the subject that as been at the forefront during the last year.

Down the Up Staircase

A new book by Bruce D. Haynes, UC Davis professor of sociology, and his wife, writer and educator Syma Solovitch, chronicles the journey of Haynes’ Harlem family through three generations.