Empathy May Be in the Eye of the Beholder

October 27, 2020
Do we always want people to show empathy? Not so, said researchers from the University of California, Davis. A recently published paper suggests that although empathy is often portrayed as a virtue, people who express empathy are not necessarily viewed favorably.

Who Will Kamala Harris Supporters Vote for Now?

December 20, 2019
With California Sen. Kamala Harris out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, UC Davis communication professor Magdalena Wojcieszak and colleagues investigated who her supporters are likely to vote for.

Can Social Media Help Bridge Our Political Divide?

February 22, 2019
With the political divide growing wider and emotions running hotter, what can we do to help people to better understand each other and work together even when they don’t see eye to eye? Magdalena Wojcieszak, an associate professor of communication at UC Davis, is looking for answers.

Polarization of Voters Reflects Wide Differences in Moral Views

June 07, 2016
America’s political divide runs deep — with vastly different views among left, right and moderate voters on the nature of right and wrong, according to a recent study by UC Davis political scientist Christopher Hare.

Sheffrin Lecture 2013: Gary C. Jacobson

Gary C. Jacobson, a distinguished professor of political science at UC San Diego, delivered the 2013 Sheffrin Lecture "Partisan Polarization in American Politics."

In his presentation, Jacobson described how ideological differences between the American national parties have been widening for several decades, and that partisan divisions are now greater than at any time since the Civil War.