Wearables Collective Symposium: Call for Papers and Exhibition Proposals

The call is open for paper and exhibition proposals for the forthcoming Wearables Collective Symposium, a two-day event at UC Davis focused on weaving innovation into all stages of life through e-textiles, smart clothing and other forms of wearable technology for health and well-being. Paper and exhibition proposals are due by January 1 and January 15, respectively.

A Career Built in Deep Time: Geochemist and Paleoclimatologist Isabel Montañez Wins Arthur L. Day Medal

Over the course of her career, Distinguished Professor Isabel Montañez has created a research niche in the fields of geochemistry and paleoclimatology: applying an Earth systems science approach to recreate Earth from eons past. For her monumental work in the geology field, Montañez recently received the Geological Society of America’s Arthur L. Day Medal.

Building Materials for the Future

Beneath the concrete world discernible to our senses is a world of building blocks. A world of molecules, and beneath that, atoms. The organization of these individual parts dictates the properties of materials. In Professor of Chemistry Davide Donadio's lab, Frank Cerasoli, a postdoctoral researcher, uses computer simulations to model materials at the molecular level, with the hope of discovering new materials that can advance our technologies.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Course Tackles Big Tech Privacy Concerns

Geared toward mathematics, statistics and computer science graduate students, MAT 280: “Fairness, Privacy and Trustworthiness in Machine Learning” aims to elevate tenets of social responsibility when it comes to developing machine learning and artificial intelligence-based systems. The special topics class focuses on the mathematical concepts underlying machine learning and how these concepts can be used for the better.

UC Davis Professors Bring Chemical Engineering Back to Its Whiskey Roots

Chemical engineering professor Greg Miller and chemistry professor Mike Toney teach the “Chemical and Engineering Principles in Whiskey and Fuel Alcohol” (ECH/CHE 168) course at UC Davis, which teaches undergraduate students the chemical engineering and chemistry of making whiskey.

Meet Claudio Monteza-Moreno: Graduate Student Melds Biology and Anthropology

The story of how Claudio Monteza-Moreno came to UC Davis illustrates how research today often crosses boundaries — reaching across disciplines and around the globe to explore complex problems. Monteza-Moreno is a graduate student working in the lab of evolutionary anthropologist Meg Crofoot, studying how wildlife in Panama navigate landscapes transformed by humans. However, his background is in biology.