History Major

Aggie Hero: Katrina Manrique

Student mental health advocate honored as Aggie Hero. 

Katrina Manrique has put a lot of thought — and action — into supporting the emotional well-being of her fellow students. As a leader of the student-run Mental Health Initiative, the senior has organized protests advocating for services and major mental health conferences.

José González: Creating Community in Nature

August 07, 2018
José González (B.A., history, ’04) has always loved the outdoors. In 2013, he took his love for the outside one step further, founding Latino Outdoors, an organization that seeks to get Latinos into nature and engaged in environmental issues. The group now has a nationwide presence, and González has been commended by former President Barack Obama for his engagement in environmental protection.

History Majors Know What's Happening by Understanding the Past

Prepared by Debate, Discussion and Analysis, Graduates Ready for Working-World Challenges

An old piece of folk wisdom  says, “You never know what’s happening until later.” Will the latest tax cut create jobs? Will the latest burst of allegations of sexual abuse change relations between men and women? Did the Russians steal the election of 2016? We’ll know in three years, or 10 or 50.