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Alumnus Robert Oden Was on the Front Lines of Change

May 20, 2019
When UC Davis students were calling for more student and faculty diversity and culturally inclusive programs, Robert Stanley Oden was on the front lines. One of only 40 African American students on campus in 1967, he was a founder of the Black Student Union, the first such group on campus, and wrote a column for The California Aggie called “The Dark Side.”

Ethnic Studies Programs in the College of Letters and Science

The African American and African, Asian American, Chicana and Chicano, and Native American studies programs at UC Davis were all conceived in 1969, although full implementation took decades of struggle and sacrifice. Today, they lie at the heart of the college's mission to make a better world. African American and African Studies

In 1969, 50 African American students, accompanied by the sole African American faculty member on campus, marched to the chancellor's office to demand an African American studies program. 

Celebrating 50 Years of Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies Events

José A. Arenas (M.F.A., art, ’00), associate director of TANA, the Woodland-based arts program of the Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies, has a solo exhibition at Pence Gallery in Davis. “A Place in Mind” is made up of 13 paintings and is on display through Dec. 6.

New Mellon Research Initiative Explores Racial Capitalism

October 04, 2017
A new Mellon Research Initiative, Racial Capitalism, brings together UC Davis College of Letters and Sciences faculty and graduate students to examine the historical relationship between race and capitalism.