Annaliese Franz Named Fellow of the American Chemical Society

Annaliese Franz, professor of chemistry, was recently selected as a 2022 American Chemical Society Fellow. Franz is one of 45 chemists across the country named in August as 2022 fellows for their outstanding contributions to science, the chemistry profession and the ACS.

New X-ray Spectroscopy Explores Hydrogen-generating Catalyst

Using a newly developed technique, researchers from Japan, Germany and UC Davis have identified a key step in production of hydrogen gas by a bacterial enzyme. Understanding these reactions could be important in developing a clean-fuel economy powered by hydrogen.

New Technique Makes "Biogasoline" from Plant Waste

Gasoline-like fuels can be made from cellulosic materials such as farm and forestry waste using a new process invented by chemists at the University of California, Davis. The process could open up new markets for plant-based fuels, beyond existing diesel substitutes.