Art and Climate Science Combine in San Francisco

November 13, 2017
“Visualizing Connections to OneClimate,” a temporary installation from the Department of Design, brought to life a new campus-wide drive to address climate change.

Puppets, Projectionists and Other Guests Enrich Theatre and Dance

November 02, 2017

For 35 years, the UC Davis Department of Theatre and Dance has invited guest artists, many with international reputations, to work on productions and provide students with insights into careers in the performing arts. Most have been directors or choreographers, but this year is more of a mix: a director with extensive experience in New York and the San Francisco Bay Area who is also a UC Davis graduate; an Obie Award-winning projection artist; and a master puppeteer formerly with the acclaimed Handspring Puppets.

Parallel Projects Bring Chemistry to the Arboretum

December 02, 2016
Nhu Nguyen (B.S., chemistry, ’12), an artist and doctoral student in chemistry, is the mastermind behind a recent exhibit in the UC Davis Arboretum called Walking in the Woods with Chemistry.

Arts Career Center Offers Advice

December 01, 2016
Nearly every student has concerns about what they'll do when school is over. To make career paths clearer, last year the Arts Group Advising Center started Work of Art: Career Series for Student in the Arts.

Modern Master: Neal Benezra

July 27, 2016
Neal Benezra (M.A, art history, ‘78) has headed the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco (SFMOMA) since 2002, managed its recent three-year, $305 million renovation and expansion, and oversaw its Campaign for Art that garnered nearly 3,000 works.

Collective Chaos Spawns a New Science

May 13, 2016
When collective behavior emerges from individuals—be they insect swarms, traffic jams or Internet users—scientists call the resulting system a complex network. With some digging, researchers at UC Davis are discovering basic mathematical principles can help predict behavior in complex networks. The findings could lead to improvements in real-world human networks, including air traffic, the stock market and the U.S. power grid.