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Sociology—Organizational Studies

Sociology—Organizational Studies

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  •   Advisor Name: Caroline Herrod, Kelli Sholer & Mishaal Barrett
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The Organizational Studies (OS) emphasis within the Sociology major provides a broad understanding of the political, social and economic organizations that make up modern society. Whether thinking about the structure of government bureaucracies, legal systems, economic markets, educational systems or workplaces, organizational studies offers an interdisciplinary vantage from which to understand the contemporary world where complex and formal organizations are ubiquitous. Formal organizations influence how we feel, what we think, and what we can accomplish. As such, the OS program provides a basic understanding of the field and enhances your ability to pursue specialized career interests.

Real World Outcomes

Sociology—Organizational Studies majors acquire an in-depth understanding of how and why organizations are constructed in distinct ways; how organizational context shapes interactions, policies, practices, and outcomes, especially different outcomes for diverse groups; and how organizations shape society. Students acquire foundational tools for leadership and for carrying out evaluation research. Many majors enter the field of business management, such as human resources, data analysis, diversity policy, staff development and other areas. Recent alumni are currently employed at companies such as Google, LinkedIn and Apple.


Sociology—Organizational Studies majors gain a broad background in sociological theory and rigorous methodological training. They are required to take a broad range of courses that use an organizational perspective to analyze their subjects, including courses from community and regional development, communications, economics and history.