Abigail Mansour

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Position Title
Academic Advisor

Undergraduate Education and Advising


Abby Mansour joined the College of Letters and Science in 2019. Abby is a UC Davis alum and holds a B.S. in Human Development. During her time as a student, Abby worked as a peer advisor for the Human Development major. She has since held advising positions in  the College of Biological Science and Viticulture and Enology department at UC Davis, as well UC San Diego’s department of Visual Arts. Abby knows that each students brings with them a unique set of interests, experiences, talents, passions, hobbies, and perspectives and will therefore have their own personal definition of what “success” means to them. Abby believes that her role as an advisor is to listen, question, support, and guide each student to reach their own personal definitions of success.

Outside of the office, Abby enjoys spending time with her family and dog and taking weekend trips out to the coast.