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Native American Studies

Native American Studies

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Native American studies offers the opportunity to understand and learn from the history and traditions of the indigenous peoples of North, Central and South America. Drawing from the philosophy, politics, social values and arts of Native cultures, the major will provide you with insight into a diverse population of people. You will develop the research capabilities and critical thinking skills to foster a broad understanding of the human experience.

Real World Outcomes

Native American studies provides excellent preparation for graduate and doctoral studies in a variety of fields or professional careers such as teaching, law, business, human services, health, tribal administration, social work and human resources management. Graduate and professional schools and employers are looking for students with a broad interdisciplinary preparation and who possess knowledge and sensitivity relating to ethnic issues and cultural diversity.


Students in Native American studies may choose from three plans within the major. The first plan concentrates chiefly on the Native American Experience north of Mexico, the second plan on Meso-America and the third plan on South America. Each plan also includes course work covering other indigenous cultures of the Americas, including the literature, culture and arts of the native cultures. You will work with faculty with research interests in history, religion and philosophy, social sciences, languages and literatures, Indian law and the performing arts.