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  •   Advisor Name: Ileana Oseguera and Huryoung Vongsachang
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  •   Advisor Number: 530-752-0890

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A major in music teaches you to explore and understand the history, theory, and performance of music. Your professors and lecturers are active researchers and performing musicians, who regularly have works performed, published and recorded around the globe. Students work closely with prominent Artists-in-Residence who give concerts throughout their year-long tenure. You'll also have the chance to perform with our symphony orchestra, band, chorus, world music ensembles, and a variety of smaller ensembles. Department facilities include an extensive collection of historical and modern European musical instruments, non-western instruments, and an excellent CD and video library.

Real World Outcomes

UC Davis music majors have become successful musical performers, conductors and teachers; others have found careers in various aspects of the music business such as recording or management. One teaches composition at Princeton, another conducts choirs at Pomona College, and two have sung with the New York City Opera. Still others have blended the analytical and communication skills learned in their music classes with other talents, going on to careers in medicine, law, business, publishing and advertising.


The music program provides an excellent grounding in music theory, history, composition and performance. Approximately one-half of your college coursework will be in music, including two to three years of music theory, two years of music history and participation in performing groups. At the upper division level, you will focus on a special interest such as composition, history, theory, ethnomusicology or performance.