Mathematical Analytics and Operations Research at UC Davis

Mathematical Analytics and Operations Research

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  •   Advisor Name: Cydney Matteson & Tina Denena
  •   Advisor Email: Contact person by email
  •   Advisor Number: 530-754-0822

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Detailed Major Requirements

Major only

Mathematical Analytics and Operations Research addresses a critical need in business for scientifically-trained analysts who can use mathematical models to interpret big data, analyze markets and forecast trends—this major is ideally suited to students with an interest in business or economics. Students will develop the skills to perform data analysis and develop reliable models for forecasting, decision-making and long-term planning in fields ranging from financing to entertainment and education.

Real World Outcomes

Careers in this field can be found in virtually every industry, and employment growth for operations research analysts is expected to exceed the average for all occupations. Graduates may also choose to continue with postgraduate work in areas such as Economics, Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, Financial Engineering, and Management Science, or pursue an professional degree for higher-level career opportunities. Management and analysis of big data is at the core of decision-making processes for a wide variety of industries. Corporations, governments, relief agencies, technology companies, social media platforms, websites and organizations of all types use analytics in guiding daily and long-range decisions.



Freshmen: Coursework in mathematics and computer science form the basis for advanced study of analytical methods, with a number of required and optional courses in statistics and economics.

Transfer Students: The UC Transfer Pathway for this major strongly recommends that all lower-division requirements (equivalent to the first two years of courses) be completed prior to transferring.

At the upper division level, you will plan your coursework with the help of a faculty adviser. The major requires coursework in either economics or agricultural and resource economics, and concludes with a capstone research course.