College of letters and science advisor with student artwork

First-Year Mandatory Advising

In the College of Letters and Science, our goal is to facilitate your transition to UC Davis through a comprehensive first-year academic advising program. This program is mandatory for all first-year students and will ensure you get a strong start to your academic career. The purpose of mandatory advising is to give you an opportunity to meet your college advising team, learn about your degree requirements, find resources to support your academic progress, and discover opportunities to enhance your educational experience.

Satisfying your mandatory advising requirement

Our goal is to make advising accessible for all students. To satisfy your mandatory advising requirement, you will need to complete the "First Year Advising, College of Letters & Science" course in Canvas.

Begin the First Year Advising Course

Transfer students: Visit your major advising office for information about your mandatory advising requirement.
We Advise, You Decide

Advising is a partnership. Your advising team is dedicated your academic success and are here to support you in achieving your academic, career, and personal goals. But ultimately, your success requires you to be an active participant in the advising process. To get the most out of advising, be sure you are ready to engage in a conversation and come prepared with questions. Remember, this is your education and it's your responsibility to take ownership for it.


  • Why should I participate in Mandatory Advising?
  • Interacting with an academic advisor early in your university career is one of the top indicators for future academic success. Your academic advisors help guide your exploration of curriculum, graduation requirements, campus policies, and assist you in making timely degree progress. Advisors are your go-to resource for navigating the university and getting connected with the programs and people that can help you achieve your goals. Mandatory advising is an opportunity to learn more about your advising team and how they can help you chart a path to success.
  • Who is required to participate in Mandatory Advising?
  • We consider advising to be so important to your success that we have made it mandatory for all students in the College of Letters and Science.
  • What if I am planning to change my major out of Letters and Science -- do I still need Mandatory Advising?
  • Yes. Until you officially change your major, you are considered a Letters and Science student; therefore you are required to satisfy mandatory advising. Fortunately, mandatory advising can help you with the logistics of changing your major and discuss any concerns or questions you may have.
  • What happens if I don't participate in Mandatory Advising?
  • If you have not participated in mandatory advising by the end of Winter quarter, an advising hold will be placed on your record for Spring quarter. This may prevent you from enrolling in, or making any changes to your class schedule. This may negatively affect your ability to get some of the classes you need/want during the subsequent registration period.