Italian at UC Davis


Major and minor

From Michelangelo, DaVinci, Galileo, Machiavelli, Dante and Petrarch to Federico Fellini and Umberto Eco, Italian speakers and the Italian culture have shaped how we view ourselves and the world. A major in Italian explores the people, culture, linguistics, film and literature of Italy. You will study Italy's historical importance and its contemporary society. Most classes are small and provide individual attention from instructors. A knowledge of Italian also allows you to study abroad in a wide range of subjects and cities across Italy.

Real World Outcomes

An Italian major can lead to many diverse careers, including medicine, law, business, international relations, teaching or graduate work in almost any field.


If you studied French or Spanish in high school your transition to Italian will be relatively easy. Students in Italian begin with a five-course sequence of language classes in preparation for upper division literature courses taught exclusively in Italian. As your studies progress, you'll find that the Italian program allows you to explore many aspects of Italian culture, including art history, music, history and classics. Many students choose a double major with Italian as a complement to many areas of the social sciences, including international relations, political science and economics.