German at UC Davis



Major and minor

The influence of German language and culture reaches far beyond the boundaries of Germany itself. Bach, Hegel, Goethe and Einstein are only a few of the prominent artists, musicians, philosophers and scientists to come from Germany. As a German major, you will explore the myriad aspects of the German-speaking world. The major is designed to cultivate deeper understanding of the society and institutions beyond the language. With Germany's influence within the European Union steadily growing, opportunities abound for internships and study abroad.

Real World Outcomes

Students who study German are well prepared for careers in business industry, arts, sciences, international law, education or graduate studies. Others combine their studies with another subject, giving them an edge in several different areas, including international relations, practical business, and sciences like medicine and technology. Wei-An Kuo, a double major in biological sciences, is now studying dentistry at Columbia. Karen Breslau (a double major with International Relations) is an international correspondent with Newsweek.


As a German major, you'll choose one of three tracks of study: language and literature, area studies or culture and commerce. In the first track your studies will emphasize literary figures, movements and themes. If you have a broader interest in German history and culture, the area studies track allows you to select from courses in a range of departments (such as history, philosophy and economics) that deepen your understanding of the German-speaking world. The culture and commerce track focuses on functional language competency and is designed to enable students to live and work in a German-speaking environment. A key feature of this track is a work/study experience abroad.