Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies at UC Davis

Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies

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Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies draws on elements of several disciplines to examine how factors of gender, sexuality, race and class affect society on multiple levels. Students will learn about feminist concerns within a transnational context through a wide range of courses from history and theory to literature and popular culture. The program introduces students to relevant social issues, fosters critical thinking, develops strong verbal, writing and research skills, and encourages social advocacy.

Real World Outcomes

The degree in Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies is ideal for careers in counseling, clinical psychology, social services, education, media or politics, and establishes a useful foundation for medical, law or graduate schools.


As a Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies major, you will select from three areas of specialization or develop a self-designed study track:

  1. Social Justice, Gender Politics and Activism
  2. Culture, Power and Resources
  3. Sexualities, Subjectivities and Body Politics

Your studies will begin with foundational coursework in history, theory and culture followed by upper division coursework shaped by your chosen study track. You can also elect a concentration in transnational production and consumption, or opt to pursue any of the following minors: Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies; Sexuality Studies; Social and Ethnic Relations.