French at UC Davis



Major and minor

French is spoken in several European countries; Tahiti; parts of Canada, Africa, the Caribbean and South America; and as a diplomatic or second language by much of the educated world. The French major cultivates critical, analytical thinking; a historical perspective; and an appreciation of cultural difference. As a French major at UC Davis, you will study with distinguished, well-published faculty enhanced by frequent guest lecturers. You can participate in education abroad programs in France and in other countries.

Real World Outcomes

UC Davis French majors are pursuing careers in such diverse fields as teaching, law, journalism, medicine, government, translation services and the travel industry. One recent graduate is a technical writer for IBM, another a marketing representative for a winery.


You will begin your French major coursework with two years of training in essential language skills, including reading, composition, speaking and understanding. You will also study basic principles of linguistics and literary analysis. At the upper division level , your study will broaden to include French literature from varying genres and historical periods. You may tailor your major to your interests with courses in French history, art and civilization and build practical skills with advanced coursework in French language and translation.